One healthy habit for success: Stick to a routine


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – I have a simple tip for you that can be the key to better health and success.  Routine.  Be a creature of HEALTHY habits.  Your body craves consistency and also desires to be in line with the natural world around us.

Wake and sleep at consistent times.  The internal clock of your body likes to know when to feel awake and when to feel sleepy.  You will have an easier time falling asleep and better quality sleep if you maintain a consistent schedule.

Eat at consistent times.  Developing consistent meals times will help to curb unhealthy snacking and keep cravings at bay.  Eat 2-3 meals per day depending on your constitution, and stick to it.  Its best to have your largest meal earlier in the day and make dinner “supplemental” to the previous meals of the day.  Giving your bodys digestive system an expectation for food will help you better assimilate the nutrients form the food you are eating and keep things running smoothly.

Have and exercise schedule and stick to it.  Set a routine of days or times and make it a habit.   You will be much more likely to follow through with your plans for workouts if you have a schedule for it in your life.  For most people the optimal time for exercise is the morning so even if its just taking 10 minutes next to your bed for push-ups or sit-ups, set the schedule and do it.

If you can create a routine for your body for just these 3 things- sleeping, eating and moving, you will feel and notice a difference within 30 days.

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