Moms share what they “really” want this Mother’s Day


As mom’s we plan almost everything.  When it comes to Mother’s Day do you ever think, “I should have planned this myself?!” If you’re chuckling and nodding your head right now then share this article and tag your kids!  We polled some West Michigan women to see the best gifts they’ve recieved and straight up asked, “What is the perfect Mother’s Day gift?”  Read on to find out!

Mom’s Favorite Mother’s Day Gifts

“My favorite Mother’s Day was the one where my husband took the kids to church and I got to stay home alone and enjoy my coffee and some silence.  We then enjoyed lunch as a family at my favorite restaraunt.  #perfect”

“I always asked for a babysitter when my kids were little!”

“A day alone makes me feel guilty and I miss the kids anyway. Going out makes me think about how the money could have been used elsewhere. I love when my kids make me gifts or sing me a song. Those memories last a lot longer than flowers or a meal.”

“A years worth of pedicures!”

“A day off from cleaning and cooking!”

“Hand made card and hugs from the grands..and a car detail from my husband-after this winter it so needs it and it is a task I hate to do!”

“Mommy and me photo shoot!”

“A low key family day. A handmade gift or song from the kids. If it’s nice outside, maybe a picnic next to Lake Michigan.”

“A massage! But I always love the home made gifts.”

“A day “off” if I want to sit in my jammies, or have some wine, or binge watch a show… my day.”

 “Either a day of golf with my girlfriends or hubby, followed by me coming home to love on my babes for a bit then locking myself in my bedroom and binge watching tv while kids are fed, bathed and put to bed( only coming in for prayers, hugs &kisses.”

“Breakfast in bed, then let me go back to sleep for two hours!”

“Time! Extra hours in the day… Or gifts that help me save time. Prepared meals, cleaning the house, laundry done.”

“A girls day with my momma and my girls.”

“Wake up in the morning to breakfast from Starbucks, get handmade gifts from my kids (handprint art, photos on canvas, cards that say ‘I love you’, etc), then have my kids whisked off to have fun for the day while I go plant shopping, quietly garden and drink wine. THAT would be my perfect day.”

“To not have to cook!”

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