Men tell all: best and worst Valentine’s Day gifts for him

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Hello West Michigan women! I’m Nathan and I have been working in the WOTV4Women office for over a year. With Valentines Day appraoching fastly, the girls in the office have been bugging me for ideas of what to get their man for V-Day. I had a couple good ideas so I decided to reach out to a couple of my buddys and put together a list of what men are interested in this Valentines Day. I got a bunch of great ideas and a couple funny stories! 

Ever been around your husband or boyfriend when he can’t find his keys or wallet? I bet you he searched for hours and didn’t give up until he found it. That’s how we are. With the Tile Pro, all of your man’s possessions will be kept safe and sound. Track the location of your phone or wallet or tools or anything! The Tile Pro can be found on Amazon for around $25 or a pack of four for $99!

Just because football and the Super Bowl is over, doesn’t mean that beer and hot wings aren’t still in season. Uncommon Goods offers a DIY Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit that every guy will love! Whether their getting hands on and crafting with different peppers and spices, trying to blend the perfect combo of sweet and heat, or trying to concoct the hottest sauce in the world, this will definitely make for an awesome Sunday project!

It’s 2021 and we are all tired of tangled or broken phone cords. I just wish there was a way I could set my phone down on the nightstand and have it charge. Oh wait, there is! Wireless phone chargers are dominating the tech market this past year, so don’t have him be left out! These convenient wireless chargers can be found all over Amazon and in stores and can usually be found for around $20.

As a man from Michigan, there are two things every guy reps to show their hometown. A Detroit Tigers hat and a Shinola Watch. And while every man in Michigan has a collection of Tigers ball caps, Shinola Watches are becoming a Michigan standard. Shinola is a fairly new watch and leather goods retailer founded in Detroit. They are high-quality and stylish and offer a variety of designs. If you want your man to look his best for that special Valentine’s Day night, gift him the perfect accessory with a Shinola Watch.  

This next gift might as well be a gift for two! The all new Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard-Trimmer Series 7200 is perfect for men who like to keep it clean. No more beard shavings covering the bathroom sink. With an internal vacuum, this beard trimmer by Philips Norelco will give a clean shave and a clean space.

How many times have you heard, “back when I was young, all we had was a Nintendo”? Well, it’s time to gift the coolest most notorious gaming system ever made! That’s right, GameStop is now selling a retro Nintendo NES Classic Edition that’ll make your man jump around like a kid. For only $60, he can play all the classics like Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, and Zelda. Don’t know what those are? Ask your boyfriend, he will.   

Would you know what he was talking about if he said, “That new Craftsman 600 24 in. Two Staged Self-Propelled Snow Blower looks cool”? Maybe, maybe not. If not, save yourself the trouble and just buy a gift card. A gift card to Lowes or Home Depot is the perfect gift for a guy. Give him the freedom to shop around and he’ll be like a kid in a candy store.  

Slippers. Enough said. Clarks is a quality shoe brand that makes comfortable slippers for those relaxing Sunday mornings. Give a man a comfy pair of quality slippers and he’ll be sure to return the favor! I recommend the Venetian Slipper. High quality, stylish, and inexpensive.

Cool cars and galleries. What else would a guy want? If you’re looking for something fun to do with your husband or boyfriend, check out Gilmore Car Museums Daily Docent Led Tour.

Learn something new as you’re led on an hour-long tour through the museum. The daily docent will navigate guests through the 7 indoor galleries of the main building as well as Ford Model A and Cadillac. Learn about cars from the 20s/30s, 50s/60s, muscle cars, Franklins, Ford Model A’s, Cadillac, Lincoln, and turn of the century vehicles.”

The event takes place on February 15th at 10:30 am. Learn more here.

Now that I have given you some great ideas on what to get him for Valentine’s Day, here are some ideas of what NOT to get him. I took the time to reach out to a couple of my fellow guy friends to ask what the worst Valentine’s Day gift they ever got was.

“Worst gift I ever got was a sweater. It was horrible and it had leather patches on the shoulders. I wore it once.” – James

“My wife once got me flowers… flowers.” – Rick

“One time my girlfriend bought me a giant Chevy mirror to put in my finished basement. The only problem was that I owned a Mustang.” – John

                                                “My ex-girlfriend gave me boxers with her face printed on them. They never left the drawer.” – Alex 

Hopefully you took a couple of good ideas away from this, or at least learned what NOT to get a man for Valentine’s Day. For all the lastest on, follow us on Instagram @WOTV4Women.

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