The East Grand Rapids High School bowling team has been transformed


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – The East Grand Rapids High School Bowling Team has seen a massive transformation this season that has led them to victory and they owe that to their new coaches.

Hunter Myers and Aiden Swinford both play on the Aquinas college bowling team and decided to lend their expertise to the East Grand Rapids High School bowling team this season when they needed new coaches. When they started, the team did not have a coach that knew much about the game and that was detrimental in previous seasons, but after Hunter and Aiden came on as head coach and assistant coach the bowling team latched on and were along for the ride.

For the coaches the situation was a bit odd at first, because they are so close in age to the team, and they were just in their same shoes just a few years ago. Luckily, both Aiden and Hunter were able to find the perfect balance between friendship and coaching which ultimately led to a higher drive, team mentality, and winning games. They were able to give their advice, but also relate to them and that really helped the players grow.

Once Myers and Swinford began coaching, the overall style of play really picked up from what it had been in the previous season. The teams drive grew exponentially and that was mirrored in how they began to play. The team’s new coach’s actually knew the game and taught them new style and technique. This made a lot of changes from the previous seasons where each player did their own thing and got their own results. Now these players work as a team.

The players share that Myers and Swinford have helped fuel the teams love for the sport because they know more about the game and they are able to help the team get better by teaching them to understand the process of becoming a great team. The new coaches helped the team to take a step back and think before they make a play. The team shares that they have been able to apply that outlook on many things in their life, not just bowling.

Now, the East Grand Rapids High School bowling team has the best record in program history, they beat the best team in conference, set the school record for high Baker game and high Baker series, set the record for high series and high individual totals, and this year they were able to send more kids to state than any year before. Myers and Swinford share that their team set records in just about everything and it has been nothing short of amazing.

The players say that the team camaraderie is something to note. The team gets a long really well and always want the best for one another. They have six players, and even though only five can bowl at a time, they all love to cheer each other on and do whatever is best for the team regardless of how they are playing.

Hunter and Aiden have really changed the game for these students. From a team that was struggling to find drive, now to a team that is unbeatable. Both coaches say that they want their team to really enjoy this game and carry it through out life. They encourage their team to never give up and never lose the passion to play.

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