Snow day fun: 25 things to do in West Michigan


West Michigan winter weather has hundreds of schools closed and that means it’s time for snow day fun! Here are 25 ideas for indoor snow day family fun!

  1. Create a scavenger hunt
  2. Give each child an empty box and have them fill it with 15 items to donate to kids in need
  3. Plan an indoor beach party! 
  4. Set up a hot cocoa bar and let the kids get creative!
  5. Plan a PJ party!
  6. Make marshmallow snowmen
  7. Set up a spa day
  8. Organize a sock toss using laundry baskets and socks rolled into balls
  9. Facetime grandparents
  10. Make paper snowflakes and paste them in the windows
  11. Read Together
  12. Bring a bucket of snow inside and let kids paint it with water bottles full of food coloring
  13. Play indoor hopscotch
  14. Make Valentine cards for elderly neighbors and friends
  15. Put on a fashion show complete with a runway made from towels and rocking music!
  16. Get out the puzzles and board games
  17. Turn the kitchen into a science lab and do fun science experiments together.
  18. Make glitter slime!
  19. Get cooking!
  20. Play animal charades
  21. Make a mini-movie using your cell phone
  22. Go through each child’s baby book and share memories of them growing up
  23. Make dream boards having kids clip out things they love or want to do from old magazines
  24. Play I SPY taking turns hiding an object around the house
  25. Create an obstacle course through the house, see who can run it the fastest.

Feel free to share great ideas you and your family enjoy! Send ideas and photos to  Have fun and make the most of your time together!

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