3 simple tips for creating a healthy New Year’s routine for kids

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- We’re nearly one week into the New Year, and many of us are still looking forward to implementing new healthy habits into our daily lives!

While it’s great to set goals for ourselves, it’s also wonderful to establish resolutions for our family, especially kids. A simple resolution that the entire family can adapt to is creating a great sleep schedule. Here are some simple ways to get a good night’s rest each evening:


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Kids naturally have loads of energy, so why not put it to use? Keep kids moving and active this year by making sure they exercise throughout the day!

Cut out the junk food & beverages

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Unhealthy foods and beverages such as junk food and caffeinated drinks are filled with sugars and processed ingredients that can keep kids up all night. Cut back on these items to ensure kids are able to rest well.

Prepare for bedtime

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Many of us are guilty of checking our phones right before we go to sleep. What’s meant to be a five-minute scroll, checking emails or clicking through social media posts can turn into an hour’s worth of browsing before we know it. Instead of reaching for smart devices, turn off all screens at least 2 hours before bedtime. This change can also be added to children’s nightly routines!

Happy New Year and happy resting!

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