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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – A Forest Hill Central High School senior joins us to discuss her article ‘I have PCOS, I cannot focus, and I am hanging on by a thread‘: an inspiring and captivating piece detailing the struggles that a young highschool student faces on top of navigating the ongoing global pandemic.

Lynlee, the Editor in Chief at ‘The Central Trend’, talks about her ‘cathartic experience’ of writing this article. She speaks of her senior year, and the things she’s lost. She reminds us that teenagers are balancing a lot, between pressure from friends, family, and now the world. The pandemic includes more than just the virus, it also includes the maintenance of mental health, missing friends, feeling tired, navigating in-person and virtual learning and constant changes. “It’s really just hard. That’s just the best word for it, as simple as the word ‘hard’ is.” says Lynlee.

Lynlee also offers advice for parents, “I just hope parents know that their teenagers are trying, maybe their grades have dropped, or maybe their missing assignments, it’s not a sign of your teenager not caring. It’s a sign of a teenager facing all of this, all at once, and we weren’t prepared for it. It’s just a time to have empathy.”

Jean Holthaus offers advice for students. She says that it’s okay and normal to feel this way. “Anytime we have significant changes in our lives, it makes our body have chemical changes that can create anxiety and depression.” Reaching out to parents, guidance counselors or any trusted adult can reap positive benefits and help any student navigating through these difficult times cope.

To read more of Lynlee’s work, visit the Central Thread. For additional resources that help with anxiety, depression, and stress management, visit Pine Rest’s blog.

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