Helen DeVos doctor provides advice to keep your kids safe while in public

Helen DeVos Children's Hospital

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) – A Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital doctor, Dr. Erica Michiels, joined Maranda to discuss things parents can do right now to make sure their kids are staying safe and healthy during COVID-19. It’s an uncertain time for all so it’s important that parents are taking the extra steps to ensure their kids are happy and healthy. Dr. Michiels says the best thing parents can do is keep their kids at home and keep them out of the public. However, we know that’s not always possible. If you do have to bring your children along to run one of those essential errands, Dr. Michiels has provided some great tips to ensure you and your child stay safe.

Tips to keep your kids safe in public:

  • Make sure your children are wearing a mask
  • Tell them to keep their hands to themselves and not touch anything. We know this can be hard for young kids, so make sure you keep an extra close eye on them while out and about.
  • Make sure they don’t touch their face
  • Keep kids close in order to enforce social distancing

Dr. Michiels also provided some great advice for your child’s mask. Many of the store bought or masks with elastic straps might not fit your child because they were made for adults, so try and avoid these for kids. If a mask doesn’t fit right or is uncomfortable, kids may try to mess with it, or parents might try to adjust it, which would defeat the purpose of wearing a mask in the first place. Instead, create or buy a mask with ties on it so you can make it properly fit your child.

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