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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) – If you have ever considered adoption, now is the time to act. Bethany Christian Services has many amazing kids of all ages waiting to be adopted and find their forever family. If you’re interested in opening your heart and home to a child, Bethany will walk along side you and be with you every step of the way. Below are six of the many children waiting to be adopted. Check out their photo and a short, fun bio about them.

Elizabeth (Lizzie)

The idea of being a celebrity intrigues Lizzie. She dreams of becoming a movie star or author, and her free-spirited and bubbly personality matches her goals. She loves singing, dancing, and listening to music. Lizzie hopes for “nice parents who care about me.” Elizabeth needs a family with understanding of the impact of trauma on a child. The family should be focused on building Lizzie’s positive self-image. She would thrive with structure and consistency and as the oldest child in the home. Finally, her family must be open to letting her maintain contact with her sister.


Lily makes a mark athletically and creatively. She loves running and playing volleyball and softball. On the creative side, Lily likes singing, dancing, and listening to music. She is a great writer and likes to write poems to express herself. “I have a big heart,” says Lily. “I put others first, and I am always open to talking.” Others echo that sentiment and describe Lily as a deep, sensitive, resilient and friendly girl with a bubbly personality. “She is very smart, loves math and is on the honor roll,” says one of the people close to her. “She wants a family to accept her and allow her to be ‘Lily.’” Lily would do best with a single female parent and would do best as the youngest or only child in the home. Finally, her new family needs to be open to letting Lily maintain her relationship with her brother.


If “America’s Got Talent” comes knocking, Mikale will answer because he takes pride in his creativity, such as making arts and crafts. He also loves drawing and calligraphy, going to the park, riding his bike and going fishing. Mikale wants to work in technology or become an inventor. His biggest dream? “The only wish I have is to find a family,” says Mikale, who hopes for one who loves spending time with each other. “I want to live a normal life and have them care about me,” Mikale says. Mikale would do best with two experienced and patient parents who can give him the supervision and one-on-one attention he requires. He would do best as the only or youngest child in his new forever family.


If Chris could hang out with someone famous for a day, it would be Ringo Starr, Travis Barker, Tommy Lee, or another famous drummer. Chris loves playing drums and would enjoy the opportunity to play at church or professionally as an adult. But he also enjoys playing basketball, cooking, and attending church. He describes religion and spirituality as being important to him. Chris would thrive with a single male parent, or a mom and dad. They should be experienced and trauma informed. His new forever family will need to make sure Chris gets the services he needs to thrive.


I’zayah has a long list of favorite activities including playing games at Chuck E. Cheese, practicing soccer, going to the park, and playing sports or video games. He is helpful around the house by sweeping, mopping, and cleaning his room. I’zayah prides himself on “being good in school,” and wants to become a police officer so he can help others. He would do best with two experienced parents who are trauma informed and would do best as the youngest child in his new family.


Cody has an impressive and eye-popping list of favorite things. Instead of kittens and puppies, Cody lists tigers as his favorite animal. Instead of lunch and gym class, Cody says science is his favorite subject in school because he loves learning about planets. He wants to travel to Florida to “swim with sharks” and hopes to become a zoologist.

Of course, Cody’s list of favorite things would be closer to complete when he’s part of a family who enjoys being active just like he is. He looks forward to doing fun things together such as visiting a zoo, taking walks in the woods, playing football, and riding bikes. Cody would do well with two parents who are experienced and can provide the one-on-one attention he requires. He would do best as the only child in the family.

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