Exercises for overhead injuries


Athletes’ bodies can do some pretty amazing things, but they are also under some very unique stress, making it extremely important to find the right physical therapist who can keep them healthy and in the game for years to come.

At Athletico Physical Therapy, they specialize in just that. Their Overhead Athlete Program treats the various injuries associated with overhead sports such as baseball, swimming, volleyball, and many more. We follow one patient along as we learn about Athletico’s full-body approach to recovery.  

What is an overhead athlete?

An Overhead Athlete is any athlete that operates above the shoulder height in their sport. This includes baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball, football, cricket and swimming. 

What are common injuries of the overhead athlete?

  • labrum or rotator cuff injuries of the shoulder
  • elbow sprains and strains
  • abdominal/oblique strains
  • neck, mid-back and low-back strains
  • hip sprains and strains

Treatment of the overhead athlete:

  • Athletico’s experts look at the entire kinetic chain, not just the shoulder. The overhead motion is a total body activity, with the core and legs providing most of the necessary power.
  • As performance enhancement and injury prevention go hand in hand, a proper rehabilitation program keeps an athlete in the game and keeps them operating at a high level

To find out more about Athletico’s Overhead Athlete Program, contact: 

877-ATHLETICO or athletico.com

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