Anchor Emily Linnert finds silver lining in the midst of crisis


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) – Check out this awesome story below from WOOD TV anchor Emily Linnert, who finds the silver lining during these uncertain times:

“One of the positive things to come out of this strange time of quarantine and isolation is watching the relationship between my daughters bloom. I call it the shiniest of silver linings. Between school being canceled and the calendar being wiped clean, it’s been a delight to watch my girls, ages 12 and 9, discover they’re not missing their best friend; instead, she’s right there beside her.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a mother to perfect little angels. There have been fights. There has even been hitting. But there has also been a continuous three-week sleepover as they cuddle up next to each other each night and giggle themselves to sleep. There have been hours of board games with each other as their only option for opponent. And yes, the screen time is in full effect as they build some sort of magical Minecraft land together. I’ve watched them delegate and share chores and encourage each other to stick to their daily schedule attached to the refrigerator door.

It’s made me reflect on my relationship with my siblings. How would I have handled weeks confined to my home? I don’t have a sister. I’m the oldest in my family and I have two brothers. The equation is different. Different interests, different ways to pass the time. Different ways to not get along. I hear my friends with daughters hinting at how we might be able to bend the rules to sneak in a play date under these stay at home rules. I know their daughters are antsy and missing that female connection. Not to mention they’re looking for some way to escape from their brothers for a bit. I know I would have been, too. Let’s just say I’d be willing to bet my mom would not be counting these days as the shiniest of her parenting tenure.

Thank God for the seasons of siblings, a relationship like no other. Your siblings are people with whom you share roots. But like a tree, the branches often grow in opposite directions. I’m not naive enough to believe what I’m seeing from my girls right now is how they’ll always be. In fact, I fully expect them to be like the branches of a tree and grow apart, especially in the upcoming teenage years. My hope and prayer are that they’ll remember these days of quarantine and eventually grow back together.

Because much to my surprise, the boys I can’t imagine being quarantined with have grown up to be the men I turn to when I need a word of encouragement, a listening ear and even to calmly talk me down when I’m on one of my rants (Enneagram Type 6, anyone)? No one knows you like the people with whom you share roots.

I encourage you to look for the silver linings in relationships in your life and your home during this time of isolation. May your family tree grow strong together during these uncertain times.”

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