5 back to school items everyone forgets

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Chances are you’ve seen your fair share of “Back to School” checklists. Your school may have even handed them out, determining what supplies are needed for their classroom. But even with the shopping lists you still wind up driving back to the store for that one last item you always seem to forget.

So we’ve compiled a few of our own lists with the obvious and not-so-obvious stuff to help keep you from going back to the store until Christmas hits. Only joking! We’re not that good. You’ll still need to do your weekly grocery shopping! But, this will help. We promise.


1. Stuff to keep them healthy…

We remember the notebooks, the paper and pens. But what is the biggest essential to learning? Health. Start your day with a healthy breakfast and keep your fridge stocked with healthy snacks. Because heading back to school means lots of new germs floating around, especially with your younger elementary kids who don’t always cover their cough or remember to wash their hands.

Stock up on those multivitamins and remind your kids to take them daily. You’ll also want to send them with their own mini hand sanitizer so they can eat their lunch or grab a snack after climbing on the monkey bars that every other student touches.

And, for you, grab some Clorox disinfecting wipes. Nothing kills germs faster than, well, killing germs. And Clorox kills 99.99% of them.

2. Stuff to get them healthy…

No matter how hard you try, catching a cold every now and then is inevitable especially when the chilly weather hits. So stock up on the cold and flu supplies now. Or you’ll be doing a late night run to the grocery store when you find you’re all out of Nyquil (wishing you were sleeping)! Save yourself the mental agony, and plan ahead!

You know what else you’ll need? Tissues. When your little one is sneezing and sniffling, you’ll want plenty of these within their reach so they aren’t spreading their germs all around the house. They even sell portable packages you can slip into your kid’s pockets.


3. Stuff to remember what you would otherwise forget…

No. We aren’t talking about this shopping list. We are talking about sticky notes, dry-erase boards, and family planners so you can make your own lists that are “unforgettable”.

Write on a paper calendar or a dry-erase board to create your own “family command center”. In an age of technology and Google Calendars it can be easy to forget the ease of writing everything in one place for everyone to look at.

You can also use your sticky notes to write you kids a quick note of encouragement. Sticking it in their lunchbox is always classic. You can also try the inside of their text book or their book bag to mix it up a little. They may not remember everything about their school days, but they’ll always remember how much you love them!


4. Stuff to keep going strong…

There are some things you just need a lot of, like ink cartridges and printer paper. Kids have a lot of homework assignments to print, and the last thing you want is a bad grade because they can’t show their work! Having ink and paper on hand will assure that you never run out when you need it the most.

Our high-energy, fast-paced world runs on a lot of battery-powered energy. To keep going strong, you’ll need a portable battery charger for your cell-phones, tablets, and laptop computers. You can even create your own “family charging station” so your electronics are always charged and ready to go.

Don’t forget to pick up some eye drops while you are at it, so your kid’s eyes don’t get dried out from staring at those screens all day!

5. Stuff to keep things smelling fresh…

At the beginning of the year everything is new. But if you have kids, especially kids in sports, you know that things get ruined quickly. And the worst part? The smell.

Picking your kids up from soccer practice doesn’t have to be so bad with a little foot powder or air freshening clips for your car.

An air fresheners for your kid’s locker will help keep things smelling fresh too!

Just in case you are looking for the more practical items…

Most of all, remember to have to fun! You can find everything on these shopping lists at your local Meijer. So you don’t have to worry about forgetting a thing!

If you are feeling stressed about the upcoming school year, check out advice from our friends at Pine Rest on how to Banish Back to School Stress!

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