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60 Second Videos: top 3 self defense moves all women should know

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As women, learning self defense can be essential during an escalating situation. It could also save your life. Learning self defense can help prepare you for unexpected situations, and help you feel more confident when your faced with this type of scenario.

When women think of self defense classes, it can be intimidating and create a sense of uncertainty. So I wanted to test it myself. I’ve always been interested in learning self defense, and I thought why not take a lesson and use what I learned to help other women. 

I called on Wendy, the owner of Pro Karate Rockford, and asked if she’d give me a one-on-one lesson on the top three defenses that all women should know. What I learned is that self defense doesn’t always involve a fight. Wendy told me that it’s important to try to deescalate the situation verbally, before contact is made. Below is a step by step lesson with video on the top 3 moves every woman should know.

Share these tips with your sisters, friends and co-workers. It could hep save a life. 

#1 Verbal de-escalation —Your primary self defense tools are your brain, your voice and your body language.

·         Awareness of your external surroundings as well as how a situation or person is making you feel (internally) is the foundation of a strong self defense strategy.

·         Carrying yourself in a confident manner; standing up tall and strong speaks volumes about your ability to take care of yourself. 

·         Don’t be afraid to make some noise!  Whether it is to call for help or to verbally defend yourself your voice is an extremely important tool for your safety. 

#2 The elbow strike

·         This is a powerful, close quarter strike regardless of whether your hands are free or you have been grabbed by the wrists.

·         Turn your elbow up so your forearm is more or less horizontal.  This can be enough to cause a grab to be released, but release is not imperative to the strike  being successful.

·         Striking with the forearm bone of your arm (below the elbow) bring this strike across horizontally, targeting the head or face.

#3 The knee strike



·         More power is generated for this strike (as well as the elbow strike) if a bit of a rocking back motion precedes it.

·         Rather than trying to use the knee cap, the striking surface of this is the area of the thigh directly above the knee.

·         Target for this strike is the groin or even the face if the first strike is successful in bringing the attacker to a bent over or kneeling position. 

*Classes available at Pro Karate Rockford

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