GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- This time of year, West Michigan feels like a winter wonderland! Although a few inches of snow and cold temperatures feel like a drag to some, there is no doubt the opportunity to make the most of the season both indoors and outdoors is plentiful!  

Whether you are someone who cannot wait to lace up your winter boots and step outside or someone who would like to settle for a pair of fuzzy socks as they comfortably relax at home, we have put together the ultimate list of activities to try. Embrace all that winter has to offer with these ideas:  

Outdoor Activities  

  1. Go Ice skating  
  2. Build a snowman or attempt to create a snow sculpture  
  3. Hit the slopes  
  4. Cozy up next to an outdoor firepit or build a bonfire and treat yourself to S’mores  
  5. Go sledding  
  6. Take a winter hike  
  7. Go snowshoeing  
  8. Enjoy a hearty meal at local restaurants offering outdoor/heated seating  
  9. Soak in Winter scenery at a local park or forest  
  10. Explore a winter festival  
  11. Attend a live event  
  12. Make snow angels  
  13. Go for a walk and attempt to identify unique footprints in the snow  
  14. Help a neighbor shovel their driveway or sidewalk  
  15. Attend a winter/holiday lights show or go on a hunt to discover some in your neighborhood  
  16. Take a polar plunge  
  17. Play hockey outdoors  
  18. Try a winter sport or take classes (ex: skiing, snowboarding, etc.)  
  19. Bundle up and go ice fishing  
  20. Make a snow cone and eat it outdoors  
  21. Go dog sledding  
  22. Plan a trip with family and friends to visit a local resort offering winter-themed activities and events  
  23. Rent a snowmobile  
  24. Play with your dog in the snow  
  25. Warm-up by visiting a local coffee shop  
  26. Look up at the night sky and stargaze  
  27. Learn a fun fact by visiting a museum  
  28. Have a snowball fight  

Indoor Activities  

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  1. Flip on the TV and enjoy your favorite shows on My ABC WOTV4 
  2. Buy your favorite snacks, invite family and friends over to have a movie night  
  3. Build an indoor fort  
  4. Spruce up your space by displaying winter décor  
  5. Time yourself and see how fast you can take down your Christmas tree (only if you wish to. No pressure).  
  6. Try a new recipe  
  7. Read a book or host a book club with friends  
  8. Get your fitness on by visiting a local or virtual fitness class  
  9. Identify your 2022 goals by creating a vision board  
  10. Have an indoor paint night  
  11. Video chat or call a loved one for a catch-up 
  12. Relax and unwind all day in your PJ’s  
  13. Have an indoor spa/self-care day  
  14. Get crafty by taking on indoor DIY projects  
  15. Sip on a hot cup of cocoa or tea  
  16. Listen to a podcast  
  17. Organize your winter wardrobe  
  18. Pick up a new hobby you have always wanted to try  
  19. Create a scavenger hunt  
  20. Volunteer for a local organization, food pantry, soup kitchen or assist members of the community who are in need 
  21. Break out a board game 
  22. Complete a puzzle  
  23. Curate a music playlist  
  24. Crank up the volume and have a dance party  
  25. Create an indoor obstacle course for your kids 
  26. Go for a swim at an indoor water park  
  27. Beat the freezing weather by ice skating indoors  

Have any additional activity ideas? Email to see it added to the list! We hope you have a great time taking advantage of winter in West Michigan!