Ladies! So if you know me…you know I wear false strip lashes almost every day. What can I say? Lashes are totally my jam! I am a firm believer that the eyes are a woman’s most powerful feature and so you should dress them up every chance you get.

Whether your wanting a sultry, smoky eye for that New Year’s Eve Party you’ve been waiting for or if you just want something extra special for your next headshot, false lashes are a MUST and I am going to tell you how to apply them!

Note: These instructions are for STRIP LASHES ONLY.

Step 1 – Carefully remove the lash from its casing. I like to use the side of my thumb to gently pry the lash loose from the case, pulling the lashes by pinching them will surely damage the false lashes. Set them aside once both lashes have been removed.

Step 2 – Measure the lash by placing it as close to the lash line as possible. I think this is one of the biggest mistakes women make when they are attempting to apply and wear false lashes for the very first time. Every woman’s eye shape and size is different. Unless you want to look like Mimi from the Drew Carey show, it’s important to remember that false lashes are not a one size fits all accessory. Take a pair of scissors and cut off as much of the false lash as needed to ensure that the length of the falsie is the same as the length of your natural lash line.

Step 3 – Grab your glue girl! My personal favorite is DUO in Dark. I prefer the dark glue although the white glue dries clear and works just as well. So it’s totally up to you which glue color you choose. My second go to for glue is Ardell Lash Grip in Dark also. It is an awesome lash glue that is a tad bit more affordable than DUO. Be sure to purchase the box that is labeled Strip Lash Adhesive…this is an important distinction. 

Squeeze a few drops of lash glue onto the lash case and allow the glue to become tacky. Next, take the end of a long Q-tip or a clean mascara wand and use the tip to slide glue along the rim of the false lash. Set the first lash to the side and do the same for the other lash to apply glue to the strip.

Step 4 – Grab and pinch the lash on both ends using both hands. Lean as close as you can into the mirror and close the eye you are applying the first lash too; guide your hand with the other open eye. Place the false lash on top of the natural lash and press it firmly onto the lash line. Step back and maneuver the lash as needed for the perfect placement. Repeat the same process on the opposite eye.

Step 5 – Once the glue appears to be dry… Add a bit of your favorite eye liner on top to conceal the false lash line. This can be pencil, gel or liquid liner in whatever color will best compliment the look you’re trying to create on your eyelids. For added drama, some people choose to swipe on a layer of mascara to help the natural lash and false lash blend together which is totally optional. Typically I base this decision on whether or not I anticipate using the lash again at a later date. Warning: Adding too much mascara to false lashes will shorten their life span.

And that’s it! Now you’re good to go!

Please keep in mind that learning how to apply false lashes takes time and practice. So above all, please be patient with yourself beautiful! And if at first you don’t succeed, then lash… lash again!

*** Bonus Beauty Tip *** Some thee BEST lashes ever are from LA Colors Cosmetics and only cost $1 at local chain stores like Family Dollar and Dollar Tree. They have four different styles: Diva, Dolly, Dainty and Delightful. You should start out by picking a style the best reflects your personality and style. These lashes are amazing and the price just can’t be beat. This is a really inexpensive way to practice and look like a PRO while you’re doing it! Happy shopping ladies!