Father’s Day 2020: Last minute gifts any Dad will love

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Every year we celebrate Father’s Day on the 3rd Sunday of June. We know it’s coming, but we wait until the last minute to buy gifts for the special guy in our lives. If you’re stuck on what to purchase this year, then don’t worry! There are still a few days left to pick out the perfect gift that any Dad will be able to enjoy on the big day.

Check out these gift ideas!

We recommend using sites like Amazon or shopping locally to ensure that gifts will be received on time. Delivery dates are subject to change. The sooner you order or shop, the better!

1. A gift card for the man who loves to treat himself

Male and female handing gift card

They’re simple, yet appreciated! Gift cards are always one of the safest options to give a loved one. Just grab a card to your Dad’s favorite store or restaurant and let them shop away! Check out this list of gift cards that are available for immediate delivery.

2. A speaker for the Dad who can’t go anywhere without playing his favorite tunes

Smartphone, gray speaker, and gray laptop sitting on table

There are loads of great quality speakers on the market that you can get for as low as $20! Just do some research before purchasing to find the right fit and listen away!

3. A grooming kit for the Dad who’s all about self-care


Pampering yourself every once in a while feels good! Grooming kits are great for practicing self-care and feeling treated. Look for kit bundles to ensure that dad recieves all that he needs!

4. Subscription boxes for the dad who can’t get enough of his favorite things

Four large boxes sitting on run outside of house
Cardboard boxes on the door mat near the entrance door

You can’t go wrong with a subscription box, and why not celebrate your pops every month? Amazon has a list of subscription boxes that cater to all interests. Take a look HERE

5. A case of beer or a bottle of wine to make a special toast

Four empty bottles of beer being opened by metal bottle opener

6. A tumbler to keep his favorite drinks ice cold all summer long


Sipping on your favorite drink is nice and all, but it can get warm fairly quickly in the summer heat. Keep your dad’s drink cool all summer long by buying him a tumbler! Purchase here

6. A photo keepsake to cherish the best memories


Ever wish you could go back in time to relive a fond memory? You can through photos! Print out a photo of yourself, your family, or a favorite memory to give to dad. You can opt to gift the photo in a traditional frame, or customize it by printing images on a mug, T-shirt, tie, socks, or anything else you can think of. The options are endless!

7. A grill-set for the dad who loves to throw down in the kitchen


Summer’s almost here and we’re already experiencing some beautiful weather across West Michigan! It’s time to heat up the grill and host a few backyard barbecues. This tool kit will come in handy while dad chef’s it up on the grill! You can always make this gift yourself by stopping by your local supermarket and placing it in a display basket! Purchase here

8. A firestick for the dad who lounges around


Firesticks have been around for a few years and they’re still popular! Give your dad access to millions of his favorite shows and movies all in one click. Purchase here

9. A all-in-one toolkit for the dad who fixes everything

Every dad needs a handy dandy tool-kit! You can make this kit yourself by stopping by a local store, purchasing all the tools that you think dad will need, and organizing them in a display basket. Purchase here

10. A suitcase or multi-compartment backpack for the dad who’s always on the go

Purchase a multi-compartment bag or suitcase to ensure that dad can carry all that he needs! Purchase here

11. Key and wallet finder for the dad who misplaces things easily

Make life a little easier for your dad by snagging this cool gadget! This wireless key finder comes with four key rings. Stick them on your wallet, keys, or any item of your choice. Purchase here

Local gift deals for Dad

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“Dominion and Power”

Real Fathers leave legacy quote graphic t-shirt in a black and gold color.
The responsibility of fathers is to leave something behind greater than them. The greatest thing that can impact the earth beyond them is legacy. This is the perfect gift to honor the fathers in your life.

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