Emojis or no emojis in the workplace? That seems to be a common question these days.

What it comes down to is context.

What’s acceptable at a laidback startup may not be acceptable at a corporate firm. Think about (1) your position/title and (2) your work environment itself. Does using emojis seem like a natural fit in conversation? Does it leave an impression you’re hoping to achieve?

Although, emojis may be suitable in more work environments than some may think. In fact, studies have shown that using emojis demonstrates you understand current communication trends — while also conveying emotions in a way that words sometimes can’t. 

Have you ever sent an email… to find out an hour later that’s it’s been taken entirely the wrong way? Or, have you been on the other end, and read an email entirely wrong? Let’s be honest – we all have, and neither feels good.

Some employer-employee miscommunication could be solved with a simple emoji.

It’s also important to recognize your audience. What millenials expect and appreciate is often much different than the generations before.

My best advice is to play emojis by ear. Don’t always use them… don’t never use them. Look at each situation, and think about what we discussed above before hitting send.