GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- We’ve all had our share of bad breath moments. From waking up in the morning and eating foods that smell unpleasant, having foul breath is inevitable. But what if bad breath is keeping someone from being social, coming in close contact with friends, or affecting intimacy with their partner? If you find that you can relate and your bad breath is persistent, you may have halitosis.

Dr. Mark Jesin of the Advanced Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Studio defines halitosis as “bad breath that persists and is offensive to the patient,” and outlines common causes and solutions.

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What are the potential causes of Halitosis?

Common causes of halitosis include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Local (oral): Gum disease, fungal and bacterial overgrowth in the mouth, tooth decay and improper dental hygiene
  • Regional (connected to the mouth): Allergies, sinuses and tonsil stones.
  • Global (medical issues): Diabetes, GI issues and hormonal imbalances.

How can I get rid of bad breath?

Dr. Jesin suggests contacting your local dentist and doctor to find treatment options.

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