Battling seasonal depression with gratitude

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich, (WOTV)- Thanksgiving is not only a time to remember the history of our country, but also a time to reflect on what we are thankful for. This Thanksgiving, consider starting the habit of creating a gratitude journal.

Us West Michiganders know how hard our winters can be; endless gray, slush, and someone is always sniffling or coughing. If we’re not careful, we can find ourselves drifting off into a bout of seasonal depression. That’s why keeping a gratitude journal can help keep your moods up and focused on the good around us, rather than the bad!

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So how does one go about starting a gratitude journal? It’s simple! There are several different ways you can start your journal. Maybe you love to draw, or paint, or write, or take photographs, or some combination of all of these! Whatever your preferred personal method of communication is, make sure you get a journal that will fit your needs, both in size and paper type.

Overall, the most important thing to consider when figuring out what kind of journal you want to start is determining what method of journaling will keep you coming back? Sometimes over-complicating things in order to try and make a journal look ‘cool’ will only end up making you dread your journal.

If you know that you can consistently spend five minutes a day on your gratitude journal, then maybe writing is the best option for you. Remember, this isn’t about taking the coolest Insta pic with your journal and hot cuppa joe, it’s about what you put inside of it and how it helps you grow.

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Everyday, simply write down something that you are grateful for. If you can’t think of anything, consider reading through some quotes on gratitude, often doing this creates inspiration to be grateful for things we wouldn’t normally think about. Or try the practice of re-framing; take a situation that seems bad, and find the good in it. For example, instead of being frustrated at the lack of sleep you got last night, be glad your bed has plenty of warm blankets.

Maybe writing just isn’t for you; words simply don’t cover your feelings and give you a sense of peace or gratitude. If this is true for you, consider a form of art, photography, music, or poetry. Remember, this journal is for you and for how you process your thoughts. So if you believe you aren’t the best artist, but feel you better express your gratitude by drawing, by all means, draw! No one is judging you.

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