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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- It’s the last week before hometowns everybody! It is getting real. The dates this week are crucial for the men and Hannah. Everyone is crossing their fingers that no drama will emerge and that everyone will stay in their lane in Amsterdam. *cough* Luke.

What four men will Hannah follow home next week? Keep reading to find out!

First one-on-one

The click of the heels

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Hannah takes no time to hop into the first one-on-one with none other than Jed! No matter what the date is, it is sure to be adorable, sweet, and heart melting. It always is between these two.

They start their date in the best way possible, at a chocolate shop! It’s hard to tell what’s sweeter Jed or the chocolates the couple is surrounded by. Their date is so wholesome and natural. It is like they have been dating for years.  

Hannah admits her relationship and feelings towards Jed make other the relationships with the rest of the men difficult. Anytime she tries to talk to one of the other men, her head goes directly back to Jed.

She opens up and tells Jed she has feelings for multiple men in the house and is unsure what to do about all these feelings. Jed is the best man in the house for her to share this with. He is so understanding and mature about the whole situation.

But, Hannah admits to falling in love with Jed! This is the first man shes said this to! She says the jumping heel click they did at the beginning of the date was when she realized she was falling.

“My heart just fell through the earth,” Jed responded as he swept away the first hometown spot!

Second one-on-one

A canter through Amsterdam

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The second one-on-one goes to the gorgeous Tyler! These two are so cute and flirty. “Hey good lookin.” “What’s up gorgeous?” is how they greet each other! So simple, yet so cute.

The date is off to a very slow start… the two go horseback riding through the city and if you ask me, no one told them a single thing about how to ride these horses. The horses are not cooperating at all… or maybe it’s the operators. They say horses can sense fear and Tyler was full of it when it came to these giant, yet beautiful, creatures.

Tyler is all in on this date. From riding horses he has a slight fear of to eating pickled herring. He will do anything for Hannah, and its showing.

Hannah really pushes Tyler to open up and invite her into his mind and heart but he really seems to be struggling. He tells Hannah it is because of his parent’s divorce. He saw his parents go through so much and it makes him nervous to open up to anybody because he does not want a failed marriage.

On a side (and less emotional) note, Hannah looks gorgeous! From the simple jewelry, white dress, and simple hair, flawless.

Hannah appreciates the effort Tyler put into opening up to her. This is what she was pushing for and wanted to see. Because of this, Tyler takes the second hometown spot!

Tyler tells Hannah he is falling in love with her and can see himself getting down on one knee but Hannah doesn’t say anything about her feelings back. Slightly surprising because she opened up to Jed and this is the week before hometowns. Feelings usually come out by now but I respect Hannah for the way she is going about this journey.

There have been so many times where the men visit Hannah unexpectedly. This time, it is Connor. When he finds out he does not get the final one-on-one of the week, he seeks out Hannah to make some time for them.

Hannah appreciates Connor’s effort but tells him it is too late. She wishes he would have showed up weeks ago when she was more curious and focused on their relationship. She has relationships with some of the other men that are much stronger than her and Connor’s.

Sadly, Connor is sent home and we feel our hearts break a little because he is one of the fan favorites. He is such a sweet guy but their relationship did not stand out from the rest.

One-on-one three

Bike with Mike

Mike gets the third and final one-on-one of the week. There a few other names we would have rather seen on the date card (Connor) but this isn’t our show, it’s not our heart, it is Hannah’s.

The two biked around before stopping to draw and paint one another. We quickly learn that neither of the two are going to be the next Picasso. So the artist present hops in to draw the two of them laying on a couch, wrapped in silky scarves. But we never get to see the drawing so how good is this artist?

Mike is certain about his feelings and refers to Hannah as his future wife and the mother of his children. Hannah loves the honesty but is unsure about how she feels. She wants to go into hometowns confident in her feelings and she is questioning what she will tell Mike’s family when they ask what her feelings are.

Before Mike arrives to the dinner portion of their date, Hannah is already crying and we are pretty sure she is going to send him home. We are left feeling slightly heart broken for the guy. It is obvious he really cares about her and has genuine feelings for Hannah.

Mike was caught completely off guard when Hannah tells him she can’t be the fourth lady in his life but Mike took it so well. He thanked Hannah for her honesty, hugged her and left.

Don’t quote me but maybe we will see you on the Bachelor Mike.

We’ve gone an hour and a half with no Luke drama. So of course, he’s got to sprinkle a little in there by commenting when Connor’s suitcase is pulled out and again when Mike’s is. He is happy because all the men are in his way and now there are two less.

The next date will be a three-on-one and Luke is confident he is safe and there is no chance he is going home.

“I am fully expecting a Hail Mary attempt from Luke,” Garrett says and we all agree with him. This is what Luke is known for. It wouldn’t be a date without Luke being selfish and throwing anyone he can under the bus.

The dreaded three-on-one

With Connor and Mike gone, there are three men going on a date with Hannah: Garrett, Luke and Peter. Two hometown roses are up for grabs here. This is about to be interesting!

Luke is the first to grab Hannah and Garrett and Peter plot to take the last two roses and run!

The moment Luke and Hannah sit down, Luke is already throwing every man in the house under the bus and plays victim! He acts like he is shocked that the men make the comments they do to him. He gives an example for every single guy left in the house in hopes of making Hannah question everyone else but him. His Hail Mary attempt.

But Hannah relays everything to Garrett. So of course, he confronts Luke about it. “I saw the look on her face, and your time is coming to an end,” he told Luke.

There isn’t a huge argument off the bat. Just a lot of passive aggressive comments from Garrett, uncomfortable responses from Luke and some bologna tossing. I think Luke is actually nervous this time. The ticker inside his body is just ticking away until Garrett says the right thing to set him off.

And he destructs! In Garrett’s face. Where is Hannah!? Where is Demi!? Why is no one else watching this!?

Garrett got under his skin and Luke could not take it anymore. So what does he do after his blow-up? He goes to Peter to try to get Peter on his side but it does not work. Peter is annoyed that it is the Luke P. show all over again and that Hannah is now frustrated before he can even talk to her.

But Hannah is actually cheerful and smiley when she sees Peter. None of the drama is even brought up. Not from her and not from Peter. He is definitely steps ahead of Luke and Garret because he snags one of the two roses!

The tension between Luke and Garrett carries on to the end of the date. But the stakes are higher than ever now. There is one rose and two of them. This rose determines whose family Hannah meets! And who continues on for Hannah’s heart of course.

Hannah just wants to be confident in her choice so she is comfortable when meeting the men’s families.

Luke pulls Hannah aside and talks about his past. He admits he “chased sex” for a long time. Which leaves me wondering, but you gave Hannah crap for the nude bungee jump!? And then we hear the enlightened shower story all over again…

Somehow Hannah connects with him over this story… like what!? I don’t understand. And then they make out?

Maybe Garrett’s “I love you” to Hannah will outweigh Luke’s story?

But it doesn’t. Hannah follows her sexual connection and gives Luke the final rose. How long is he just going to skate through this show!?

So lets recap, who went home this week because it was slightly all over the place. Garrett, Mike, and Connor will not be heading into hometowns.

In the promo for the rest of the season, we see Hannah and Luke having a conversation in what looks like another country. But next week is hometowns? So I am thinking, he makes it through next week too! He probably won’t make it through his comment to Hannah about her having sex with other men though.

Whose families wins over Hannah? What country does the group head to next? Do we get to find out who pops the question early!? Tune in next week, Monday July 8th at 8pm on My ABC WOTV 4!

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