The Bachelorette Week 4 Recap: Blood, Sweat, and Body Slams


THE BACHELORETTE – “1504” – Hannah takes her journey to find love on the road as she and the remaining 15 men travel to Boston and the beautiful seaside city of Newport, Rhode Island. Jed takes in the city sights with Hannah, shopping at Quincy Market, strolling in Boston Common and lifting a pint at […]

With 15 men left literally fighting for Hannah’s heart, they leave the mansion and head to Newport, Rhode Island to continue their journey. But a new destination brings more exciting drama by none other than Luke P. 

Out of all the men in the house Luke P. could go after, he chooses to go after far less muscular Luke S. Maybe he thinks there can only be one Luke in Hannah’s life? Who knows. 

Also, Halo Top is coming in hot this week with the advertisements. So hot, that even I had to go get myself some from the freezer.

First one-on-one 

A stroll through Boston 

The first 1 on 1 of the week goes to my favorite man, JED! Nothing like an hour plus drive right after getting off a cross-country flight. But the destination and date activities are perfect for these two. 

Hannah is waiting for Jed at the Quincy Market and the two walk around like they have known each other their whole lives. Hannah mentions many times how comfortable she is with Jed and how she does not need to be show-boaty around him, she can just be Hannah. Awe! 

We learned that Hannah is not too up to date on her American history. It takes her many tries to remember the American Revolution slogan: “No taxation without representation.” And came up with some on the fly historical “facts” like Paul Revere invented the bike? Ok Hannah. 

The couple cuteness continues as Hannah and Jed head to a local pub. Here they laugh, talk, stare into each others eyes, and when the people inside begin to chant for the couple to kiss, they happily oblige. 

They head to the Auerbach Center where the Boston Celtics practice. Here Boston Celtics players Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown are waiting to play some 2 on 2. After Hannah and Jed get customized Celtics jerseys of course! During a conversation with Jaylen Brown, Hannah and him agree, there is something there between her and Jed. 

With this new reassurance of their relationship Hannah sits down with Jed at the end of the night and Jed tells the whole truth on his original intentions when coming to the show. 

Jed saw the Bachelorette as a huge platform for his music but his reasons for being here have changed. His eyes are all on Hannah now. And here I am, loving Jed more and more every time he speaks.

Hannah respects his honesty and gives him the rose! 

Group date 

Blood, sweat, and tears! 

The men get down and dirty in a rough game of rugby! No helmets, no pads, and no timeouts.

Hannah’s number 1 priority for the date is to have fun and be safe! But, Luke P. has other ideas when his competitive side comes out and he relives his high school football days.

The first man to bite the dust is Kevin. When being tackled to the ground, he hits his shoulder on the ground in the wrong way. He did play through the pain but at half time was carried away via ambulance. Poor Kevin.

The second man down is Luke S. This is when Luke P. comes into play and when “The battle of the Lukes” begins. Due to the angle of the camera when the incident went down, all us viewers only got a glimpse of what happened. All we see is Luke P. pick up tiny Luke S. and slam him to the ground. We then hear a noise that sounds similar to when someone gets punched in the face.

Hannah looks to one of the men on the sidelines to fill her in on what happened but even they are unsure.

This is when things start to get a little tricky because it is a big game of he said this and he said that. All we know is true character comes out in competitive sports and Luke P.’s aggressive and unstable character definitely came out for everybody to see. Huge red flag to all the men and the viewers.

Of course, Hannah being Hannah, she wanted answers. Luke P. is grabbed first in the evening portion of the date and is asked to explain what happened at the game. Luke describes the incident as a form of self-defense.

Self-defense against Luke S.? What?

He says Luke S. was on the ground after Luke P. stiff armed him and began cussing and holding fists. Luke P. saw this as a “threat” and defended himself in the manor he did. He also began to throw Luke S. under the bus by questioning his character and his reasons for being on the show.

Luke S. is of course grabbed by Hannah soon after and asks for his side of the story. The stories do not add up. Luke S. mentions nothing about the stiff arm, cussing, or fists. He then retaliates and throws Luke P. under the bus by letting Hannah know he thought about leaving last week and admitted to falling out of love with her.

As viewers, we already knew Luke P. was on everyone’s bad side. But Hannah was unaware until she spoke with everyone individually about this incident.

So Hannah comes to the conclusion: no one likes Luke P.

Second one-on-one 

Want some tail? 

Tyler C., another one of my favorites, gets the second 1 on 1 this week! Even though the date started on a negative note due to the drama between the Lukes  still weighing heavily on Hannah’s mind, Tyler proves his devotion to her by being there for her in both her highs and lows.

The two have a blast on their fishing date feeding each other fresh lobster and continue on to the oldest tavern in America.

While here, Hannah reveals her initial view on Tyler and it relates very similar to my original view as well. We all thought Tyler S. was a player. We all questioned his intentions when coming to the show and Hannah wants answers. Tyler reassures her, and us viewers, that he is there for Hannah but was skeptical about coming to the mansion at first.

Two months before leaving, Tyler’s father became very ill and almost died. He was in a coma at the hospital and Tyler had to sign his rights away. Despite all that happened, Tyler is ultimately happy he decided to come fight for Hannah because he admits he is falling hard for her.

And we all believe him. After today’s date, there is no doubt in my mind, or Hannah’s, that Tyler S. is here for the right reasons!

“You were exactly what I needed today,” Hannah says. “So Tyler, will you accept this rose?” And of course, without a question, Tyler accepts the rose!

But the date does not end there! They then get a live concert from country singer Jake Owen! I swear the always get the best country singers on this show. Jake sang “Made for you” and it fit the dancing couple perfectly!

Cocktail party

Luke P. starts the night off by telling all the men in the room to be nothing but truthful tonight… really? Out of all people to say this, Luke P. thought he had the place. I was rooting for him at the beginning of the season but I don’t know if I can anymore! 

Aside from the Luke issues this week, Peter started Hannah’s night off strong by asking her to be his girlfriend! The first time I have heard anyone ask this on any of these shows. Hannah happily said yes and chanted that she has a boyfriend! Sorry to the rest of the men I guess. 

But all the attention turns right back to the Lukes when Luke S. asks Luke P. to go and tell Hannah the truth about everything that happened. To my surprise, Luke P. already planned on coming clean to Hannah. 

Did he though? 

Of course not. Luke P. strolls right up to speak to Hannah and tells her Luke S. asked him to put in a good word with her. Our poor Bachelorette is so confused at this point. Where is detective Demi when we need her!?

To figure things out, Hannah of course sits down with Luke S. to maybe clarify things, but stories aren’t lining up, again. Out of frustration, Luke S. confronts Luke P. about the new lies that have come from his mouth. 

When Luke P. shows no sympathy for what he said, and the rest of the men are sick of listening to him, Luke S. lets him know that “karma is a b**** and you’re gonna get yours.” 

We can only hope Luke S., we can only hope. 

Little do the two know, Hannah can hear the conversation and now she wants to see both Lukes in private to hash things out. She doesn’t want to ask questions, she just wants to hear the men speak about the issue. 

And there the episode ends. We are left hanging off the edge of a cliff! 

So many unanswered questions! Which Luke will Hannah believe? Who is going home next? Why were neither of the Lukes in the promo for next week? Was this just carefully planned, or does Hannah kick them both to the curb? 

You won’t want to miss next week’s episode! Be sure to tune into My ABC WOTV4 Monday, June 10 at 8pm for all the answers we are left looking for! 

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