The Bachelorette week 2 recap: emotions and tension start to run high


THE BACHELORETTE – “1502” – Hannah’s search for love is anything but a drag when world famous drag queens Alaska and Alyssa Edwards, and renowned runway coach Miss J. Alexander (“America’s Next Top Model”), host a pageant for eight hopeful bachelors vying for the coveted title of the Bachelorette’s ‘Mr. Right.’ The stakes are high […]

Things got a little steamy between Hannah and Luke P. this week. But it leaves us wondering, is that all the attraction is between these two?

Between Luke P. and Cam, it is hard to determine who will be the source of drama for this season. 

But instead of me rambling on about it, how about I catch you up on this weeks sexy, funny, sweet, and even cringing moments. 

1 on 1 dates

The first of the season went to Tyler G.! 

Hannah, wearing all white may I add, and Tyler G. go ATVing through the mud. Tyler gets to see Hannah’s wild side on this high speed (too high speed for Tyler’s taste), dirty, and adventurous date.

Once all the excitement of the quads is over, the two sit down and Tyler reveals his nervousness of receiving the first one-on-one. Hannah recalls her feelings when being in the same situation on Colton Underwood’s season and uses this to help ease Tyler. 

In the end, Hannah shows her appreciation to Tyler’s honesty by giving him a rose and explains this date has given her more hope for the rest of this season!

Group Dates

First group date: Mr. Right Pageant 

The men sing, dance, and even unicycle their way into Hannah’s heart this week in front of renowned Runway Coach Miss J. Alexander and World-Famous Drag Queens Alaska and Alyssa Edwards. 

We don’t see a lot of talent from the men except for singer/songwriter Jed. Jed wins over everyone watching, except for Hannah. 

The Mr. Right title goes to Luke P. Not surprising. His sculpted body and bold move talent wins over Hannah. 

So is it his look in a speedo, or telling Hannah he is falling in love with her that earned Luke this title? 

Second group date: Roller Derby

The men were literally falling for Hannah on this intense group date with frequent guest Fred Willard. But they weren’t the only ones wanting Hannah’s attention. 

Cam shows up! He actually interrupts a date he was not even invited to! 

Of course Hannah is not the only one Cam gets to talk to. Men like Garrett and Tyler C. also share a few choice words with him. Cam’s response to this backlash? “I wanted to reaffirm my intentions with her.” 

Awesome dude, but do it on your own date.

Luckily, a man who was actually on the date gets the rose, Dustin. 

Cocktail party

The incident with Cam at the group date wasn’t the only time he stirred the pot this week. He was at it again at the cocktail party by inviting both Hannah and Kevin to a weird and cringing two-on-one with some chicken nuggets. 

Luckily for Luke P. everyone is to preoccupied being annoyed with Cam to even realize he is having a shirtless, passionate make out session with Hannah. 

Poor Jed is the one to walk in on this act, but is very cool about it and more so laughs it off. 

Rose Ceremony

Cam is forced to sit and sweat it out during the whole ceremony. But in the end, Hannah hands him the last rose of the night. This left Connor J., Daron, and Matthew roseless. 

But that wasn’t the end of the night for Luke P. After telling all the men goodnight, he sneaks in on Hannah’s confessional. Luke is just there to spend more time with Hannah, but she questions his love declaration. 

Luke is able to smooth things over with Hannah and they begin another fierce makeout session. 

Be sure to tune in next week on Monday, May 27 on My ABC WOTV 4  for even more drama! 

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