“The Bachelorette” sneak peak: hometowns on the horizon


Four roses will be handed out this week on three one-on-one dates and one group date. There will not be a rose ceremony. Those four lucky men will bring Becca home with them to meet their families on this week’s, July 9, episode of “The Bachelorette.”

Here is what you can expect on “The Bachelorette,” this week:

The first one-on-one date goes to Colton and the pair zoom around the beautiful blue waters in a catamaran and dive for conch shells. Their chemistry is off the charts! Later at an intimate dinner, Colton finally feels comfortable enough to share a secret that he has been worried will scare her off. What will Becca say when Colton puts it all out there?

Garrett, another man with whom Becca shares a sizzling attraction, captures the next individual date. They thrill to a seaplane ride which transports them to a private island with a beautiful white sand beach. Their wonderful day is reminiscent of a big screen romance. That night at dinner Becca must gain some clarity about Garrett’s previous romantic mistakes if she is to move forward with him.

The final one-on-one date brings Becca and Blake some much needed alone time, which they haven’t had since the early weeks of the journey. They walk hand-in-hand on the beach and see a large group of people rocking out to the homegrown group Baha Men, performing their massive dance hit “Who Let the Dogs Out?” as well as “Bumpa.” The pair joins in the infectious, heart-pounding dancing. At a more quiet dinner, Blake shares how his parents’ particularly rough divorce shaped his perspective on relationships and proceeds to reveal to Becca his true feelings for her.

The stakes are high on the group date as there is only one hometown rose left. Is there one man among the three that Becca can see a phenomenal relationship with in the future? The tension is diffused as Becca joins them for a spirited game of beach volleyball. However, the suspense still hangs heavy in the air as each man’s fate is decided, leaving two utterly heartbroken.

Catch all of this and more on “The Bachelorette,” July 9 at 8 pm on My ABC WOTV 4.

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