The Bachelorette: growing tension between men explodes on playing field

The Bachelorette Week 4

THE BACHELORETTE – “1504” – Hannah takes her journey to find love on the road as she and the remaining 15 men travel to Boston and the beautiful seaside city of Newport, Rhode Island. Jed takes in the city sights with Hannah, shopping at Quincy Market, strolling in Boston Common and lifting a pint at […]

It’s week 4 of The Bachelorette and Hannah Brown takes her 15 new love interests on the road!  The group has left the west coast and heads east to Boston and to the lovely seaside city of Newport, Rhode Island where a series of fun dates are in store but not everyone is left smiling…. one guy actually ends up in the hospital.  Who will it be? You’ll have to tune in on Monday June 3rd to MY ABC WOTV 4 at 8pm to find out. 

Here’s a little more of the inside scoop for week 4!

1 on 1 Date

The first of the week went to Jed! 

Jed can’t contain his excitement for his one-on-one date as her gets to take on Boston with Hannah for a romantic day shopping at the Quincy Market, and stopping for cocktails at the famous “Cheers” bar.

Just as he thinks the day can’t get any better, Hannah surprises him with an opportunity to play a pickup game with Boston Celtics players Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier, at the famous Auerbach Center, where the Boston Celtics practice.   Will he win Hanna’s heart and the rose? 

Group Date: Fort Adam Rugby 

The other 13 men get competitive in a game of intense Rugby in Newport. The game takes place at Fort Adam — home of the champion Newport Rugby Football Club, but is cut short when one player gets hurt and ends up going to the hospital.

Hannah winds up in the middle of an argument between two of the men. Will she follow her heart or go with her head?

1 on 1 dates

With Hannah still upset over what happened on the group date, her handsome one-on-one saves the day as he provides the comforting she needed as they dance to country star Jake Owen, who leaves them wondering if they are meant to be.

Cocktail Party Mishap 

At the cocktail party, Hannah tries to focus on her growing relationships when things take a turn for the worse, as two competitors take turns exposing the other to Hannah. Will she choose to keep them both or will one make an early exit?

The rest of the men are left to speculate as Hannah leaves the cocktail party in frustration.   Which men will leave without the rose? Tune in to MY ABC WOTV 4 at 8pm to find out.

Plus, stay tuned tonight for Celebrity Family Feud: The Kardashians vs The West Family at 10:00 p.m. following The Bachelorette!


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