The Bachelorette: A wholesome group date, more Thomas drama and a new man arrives


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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – This week’s episode of the Bachelorette focused heavily on Thomas and the fact that most of the men dislike him and that he’s just here for fame. Tre reiterated the fact that he and the other guys have a bad feeling about Thomas and his intentions when he had some time alone with Katie.

For the group date, things were a little less dramatic and more fun. Katie had the guys going through a bunch of challenges including whispering sweet nothings into Katie’s ear over a speaker for a full minute, waxing one another and eating an entire plate of Twinkies. After the group date, Andrew S., Mike P., and Greg all expressed their feelings for Katie individually.

In a surprise twist (that wasn’t really a surprise), Tayshia tells Katie that someone from her season feels a genuine connection to her and wants to see if there’s something there. Blake arrives and he and Katie talk. Katie admits to the camera that they had both exchanged DMs before on Instagram, so they already had a bit of a connection.

The Rose Ceremony brought forth a lot of tension between the guys, with many of them stating they wouldn’t know what to do if Katie didn’t send Thomas home. It came down to the final rose and Katie said Thomas’ name and then they cut to commercial. When Thomas came up to receive the rose, Katie stepped back, said Thomas was “selfish, unkind and a liar” and sent him packing. After Thomas leaves, Katie heads to Blake’s room to tell him she wants him to stay!

Let’s see what Bachelor Nation had to say about the episode!

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