The Bachelor week 7 recap: are Cassie and Caelynn here for the right reasons?


THE BACHELOR – “2307” – The pressure mounts as Colton and the seven remaining women return to the U.S. and his hometown of Denver. He decides to meet with popular Bachelor Ben Higgins for his advice, sharing his fear of being blindsided by a bachelorette who is not as serious as he is. Tayshia and […]

The most disapointing part of the episode for me was that Colton did’nt jump the fense! When will this iconic act come into fruition? Moments before he gets down on one knee?

Anyways… I’m spilling the tea on The Bachelor, Season 23, Episode 7.

Let me break it down for you.

1 on 1 dates

The first date of the week went to Tayshia.

After finishing a strange combination of oysters, white wine, and ice cream, the two sit down for some bubbly rosé… and the mood takes a turn. 

Tayshia feels it’s her responsibility to tell Colton who she thinks is “here for the wrong reasons”.

She acuses Cassie and Caelynn of disussing not being ready for a proposal, their desire to be the bachelorette, and all the parties they’ll be invited to once their journey ends.

Understandably, Colton is crushed and the news makes him question everything.

They focused on their relationship the rest of the date, and Tayshia ends up with a rose – securing her a hometown date next week. 

Next date goes to Caelynn. Ever so convienently. 

It doesn’t take long before Colton tattles on Tayshia, and Caelynn is in complete shock. The date then becomes awkward, because she doesn’t respond appropriately.

At dinner later that night, Caelynn apologizes for her response earlier — she was feeling a lot of emotions and didn’t explain herself how she wished she had.

Then, she drops the “I’m falling in love with you” and Colton LOVES it.

Gushing, he reaches for the rose — giving Caelynn a hometown spot.

The third one on one of the week was with Hannah B.

…and boy, did Colton have a surprise for her! Hannah B. was the first to meet the Underwoods! And, if she knew in advance, she probably wouldn’t have worn a crop top.

Hannah B. tells Momma Underwood that she’s falling in love with Colton… but Momma Underwood seems nervous that Colton hasn’t shared his feelings yet.

Colton’s father also gave him a big talk about “trusting his gut”.

After that conversation, to Hannah B’s surprise, he sent her home. He felt like he just “couldn’t get there” with her in time.

Group date: 4 on 1 turns 3 on 1

Heather, out of the blue, breaks up with Colton! She admits that she’s not feeling the connection that she should right now, and heads home.

The girl got what she came for — her first kiss!

The group date is now a 3 on 1 with Cassie, Kirpa, and Hannah G. 

Kirpa decides to shake things up, when pulling Colton aside to slam (once again) Cassie and Caelynn. She mimics the conversation Tayshia had with Colton, explaining why she thinks they’re both “there for the wrong reasons”.

Colton then tattles on Kirpa, making Cassie and Kirpa get into an epic argument. The quiet, sweet Cassie goes as far as calling Kirpa an “idiot”.

Hannah G. is basically invisible and The Bachelor producer does not show her conversation with Colton.

At the end of the group date, Colton decides he is not ready to give out the rose yet.

Who went home?

Hannah B., Heather, and KIRPA’s, journeys have come to an end. Whose team will you be on? #TeamTayshia or #TeamCasslyn? Tweet us your thoughts — @wotv4women

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