“The Bachelor” Week 4 recap: Peter brings Alayah back; Victoria F. is surprised by ex-boyfriend!


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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelor” was a rollercoaster of emotions! Victoria F. ran into her ex during her one-on-one date, the women’s mission to tackle Peter’s heart failed, and the “ghost of Alayah” returned!

It all began with Chris Harrison entering the mansion to tell the women that they would be joining Peter in Cleveland!

They didn’t seem too excited at first, and Bachelor Nation picked up on the ladies’ reaction!

All of the women’s names were called except for Victoria F. She was granted the date card which read, “Today our love soars to new heights”! How cute, Pilot Peter!

Peter and Victoria F.’s love soars…then dwindles

After receiving the date card, Peter and Victoria took off to enjoy a romantic one-on-one date. Peter flew her around Cleveland until the pair landed at Cedar Point! They hopped on a few rides, exchanged kisses and hugs, and at one point Peter stated, “Our love is like a rollercoaster”…turns out he was right!

Just when the two love birds thought that their date was going fantastic, they were hit with the greatest bombshell of all time!

As they walked towards a private country concert, Victoria F. spotted her ex, Chase Rice, on stage holding a guitar!

If this isn’t the most awkward date of all time, I don’t know what is!

Victoria tried to play it off by singing along to her ex’s music, dancing, and giving Peter all the PDA. Meanwhile, Peter had no idea that his friend and his potential wife had a thing for one another!

>>> Watch it awkward moment here:

The truth is revealed!

Victoria freaked out after she saw Peter talking with Chase! She panicked to the point where she had to pull Chase aside to talk privately.

Later on, she told Peter the truth and he responded with an appreciation for her honesty. How sweet!

The Bachelor Bowl turns into a brawl

The next day, the women participate in an epic football game called “The Bachelor Bowl”! They’re split into two teams, the “Killer bees” and “Eliminators” and are told that the winners will attend a post-game party with Peter!

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Of course, they played hard in an effort to literally “tackle Peter’s heart”, but it didn’t go as planned! While most of the women were busy getting bruised and roughed up, Victoria P. sat on the sidelines and spent time with Peter.

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The game ended in a tie which meant that everyone was invited to the after-party!

Alayah returns and so does the drama!

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During the after-party, the women tried to score some alone time with Peter. They agreed that Shiann would get first dibs because she scored the most points during the football game! Victoria P. shut the plan down by immediately asking Peter for a one-on-one convo!

This wasn’t the only bold move made during the night.

To everyone’s surprise, Alayah burst through the doors!

Not only did she get to speak with Peter, but she was invited back into the house, and was given the group date rose!!! Please note: Alayah was NOT actually at the group date, but still recieved the rose!

The women were furious and confronted Peter at the rose ceremony!

>>>Watch the epic moment below!

Sparks fly between Peter and Kelsey

The next day, Kelsey and Peter enjoyed a day out around town! They danced in the street, raced kids in a go-kart match and shared a romantic kiss as fireworks burst in the background! Kelsey also opened up to Peter about her past. In an emotional conversation, she revealed how her parent’s divorce devastated her family.

During the heartfelt conversation, the pair shared a few tears and Kelsey was offered the date rose.

The rose ceremony

At the ceremony, the women gave Peter a piece of their minds after inviting Alyah back! Peter feels terrible, and before we know what happens next, the episode closes with a “to be continued” cliff-hanger!

Whew, what a night! Who will be eliminated after all this drama? Will Peter regret inviting Alayah into the house again? There’s only one way to find out! Tune in to “The Bachelor” on Monday’s at 8pm on My ABC WOTV 4!

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