‘The Bachelor’ week 2 recap: Peter takes off without Hannah Brown; ChampagneGate drama and eliminations



GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- We’re only into week 2 of “The Bachelor” season 24 and things are already starting to get pretty messy…literally!

#ChampagneGate begins

It’s the feud heard across the internet! One of the most memorable moments of Monday night’s episode was the fizzling drama between Kelsey Weier, 28 and Hannah Ann Sluss, 23.

During the episode, Kelsey explains that she brought a specific bottle of champagne to “The Bachelor” mansion with the intent of sharing it with Peter! Sounds romantic, right?

Well, Weier’s dream of enjoying a glass of wine with her potential husband turned into a nightmare after she leaves the bottle unattended on a table near the fireplace.

Moments after Kelsey leaves to mix and mingle with the other women, Peter and Hannah Ann walk to the fireplace to embark on an intimate one-on-one conversation. Thinking that the champagne was left for them to enjoy, Hannah Ann opens it!

Out comes the cork and the tears

As soon as Kelsey hears the cork pop near the fireplace, she bursts into tears! She storms out and accuses Hannah of purposefully stealing the champagne in order to ruin her future moment with Peter!

Like a true gentleman, Pilot Peter flies into the feud and comforts the 28-year-old clothier. He then suggests that Kelsey opens another drink with him.

Just when Kelsey thinks that her luck is returning , she opens the new bottle of champagne and it explodes all over her face!

>>>Watch the moment that shocked all of Bachelor Nation below

Hannah Brown’s fate

When it comes to Hannah Brown and Peter’s relationship, expect some turbulence. After last week’s episode, fans of the pair were eager to learn about their fate.

Handsome airline pilot Peter Weber is ready to find love Credit: ABCANet

Peter has officially made it clear that the former Bachelorette star will no longer be in the run to become his “co-pilot” this season. As of now, Hannah will not be returning to the mansion.

Whew, break-ups are never easy and during Monday’s episode, Peter admits that he isn’t in “the right headspace”. His whirlwind of emotions causes him to cancel his second group date with the ladies.

Who went home?

During the second rose ceremony, Courtney, Lauren, and Payton are eliminated.

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