‘The Bachelor’ hometown visits: Peter sends Kelsey home, leaves Victoria F., and Madison keeps a BIG secret!


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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Bachelor Nation, before Season 24 of “The Bachelor” took off-we were warned to expect some turbulence! And after tuning in to Hannah Ann, Madison, Kelsey, and Victoria F.’s hometown dates, I think it’s safe to say that “turbulence” is an understatement.

Just when we all had hope in Peter, the pilot took us on a wild rollercoaster of a ride once again!

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Home is where the heart (and drama) is!

As in any relationship, before a couple takes their love to new heights, it’s important to meet each other’s family! Hometown dates are supposed to be a wonderful excursion, but it proved to be otherwise on a few occasions during last night’s episode.

Hannah Ann secures her man!

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It all begins with Hannah Ann and Peter’s trip to her hometown in Knoxville, Tennessee. We’re introduced to Hannah’s father, Rick, who works as a forester and her mother, Jennifer!

Rick takes Peter ax-throwing, and it turns out that he’s got some skills… (*sighs* if only he was as good at making decisions as he is with axes!)

Peter’s luck sets the tone for the rest of his date with Hannah because all goes well-for the most part.

Later that day, Jennifer warns Peter that Rick is very selective with the guys that he lets into his daughter’s life! He cuts to the chase and tells Peter not to tell Hannah that he loves her if he doesn’t really mean it.

Peter stands his ground, tells Hannah that he loves her, and even gives her a date rose! Aww.

If you can recall last week’s episode, then you remember that Hannah Ann wrote a heartfelt letter to Peter. In the letter, she listed loads of characteristics that she loves about him.

It must feel nice to know that the feeling is mutual. Go girl!

Kelsey gets candid!

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Next up on the hometown date is Kelsey! We follow the clothier and the Bachelor to her hometown in Des Moines, Iowa. The pair make their way to a winery and stomp on grapes to make their own delicious wine!

And if this doesn’t already sound like a dream date, Peter refers to their relationship as the “perfect blend” …sort of like a luxurious wine!

Kelsey falls head over heels and tells Peter that she loves him, but it’s only a matter of time before she finds out where his heart truly lies.

Madison has a big secret

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Madison and Peter make a trip to her hometown in Auburn, Alabama. The pair visit Auburn University ‘s Arena and spend the day playing basketball.

Madison shows Peter what she’s working with as she beats him in a little one-on-one game!

The pair are interrupted by NBA analyst, Charles Berkeley, as he tells Peter to treat Madison well in an iconic video message played on the jumbotron.

And speaking of messages, Madison’s parents, Tonya and Chad, share some words with Peter during an evening dinner.

Later on, Tonya then pulls Madison to the side and asks if she’s had “the talk” with Peter?

The secret that Madison’s been holding is that…she is saving herself for marriage!

>>> Here’s a sneak peek of the shocking reveal!

We respect this Queen’s choice, but how will Peter react? The Bachelor may be far from saving himself for marriage because he’s had a few go-arounds in a windmill. Although we won’t know what he really thinks until next week, one thing is clear-Peter has the feels for Madison because he gives her the second date rose!

Victoria F. gets left!

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*Sighs* where do we even begin? Victoria F. and Peter’s hometown date was disastrous!

The pair took a trip to Virginia Beach and initially enjoyed the day taking old time photos, indulging in tasty ice-cream, and enjoying another live performance. This time, the music artist wasn’t Victoria’s ex, Chase Rice, but Hunter Hayes!

Coincidentally during the performance, Hunter sings a song entitled, “I Want Crazy”, and it sort of foreshadows Peter and Victoria’s relationship.

Their date turns into complete chaos after Peter is approached by a woman named Marissa! We all learn that she and Peter share a past because they used to date! See below!

To make matters even worse, Marissa tells Peter that her and Victoria F. used to be friends and to “be careful” because Victoria F. is a relationship-wrecker! Ouch!

This convo weighs on Peter’s mind so much that he confronts Victoria later. He asks for the truth, and instead of being honest, Victoria says that the past really doesn’t matter.

The pair clearly lack communication skills because their conversation turns into an argument (once again) and Peter offers to leave before he meets Victoria’s family!

>>>Watch the drama unfold below

So, who didn’t make the cut?

Four women remain, but not for long.

After the hometown dates, it seemed like Peter’s decision on who to eliminate was obvious, but we were wrong!

Hannah Ann and Madison are still in the run after receiving the first two roses.

Victoria F. also joins them as she receives the third rose…

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…sending Kelsey home!

Kelsey Weier, credit: abcanet

Of course, finding that one true co-pilot can’t be easy, but many fans think that Peter isn’t on the right track!

Did Peter make the wrong decision? Vote below and don’t forget to tune in to a new episode of “The Bachelor” on My ABC WOTV!

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