‘The Bachelor’ recap: Peter eliminates 4 contestants-6 lucky women remain


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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Pilot Peter is getting closer and closer to finding his true co-pilot! During Wednesday night’s episode of “The Bachelor”, he found himself having to break ties with almost half of the women.

The episode kicked off with the women meeting up with the man of their dreams in Santiago, Chile. Hannah Ann was granted the first one-on-one date and was able to spend the day touring the city with her man!

All was well until she revealed that she’s never been in love before! *Gasp*

Peter AND all of Bachelor Nation were very confused! Apparently, she’s had an ex-boyfriend to whom she’s dated for over 3 years!

Peter digs a little deep to understand if the 23-year-old is truly ready to settle down. He asks her about her goals and she reassures him that she’s in the mansion for the right reasons!

Peter feels conflicted about moving forward with their relationship and excuses himself from the date! Hannah Ann chases after him and tells Peter that she’s falling in love with him!

A telenovela turns into a huge drama scene!

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Kelley, Mykenna, Victoria P., Sydney, Natasha, Tammy, and Madison join Peter for a group date. They meet up with the Bachelor in a studio lot to film a telenovela titled, “El Armore de Pedro”.

The women are given different roles to play, but only one of them steals the spotlight and Peter’s heart!

What was meant to be a fun group outing ultimately turns into a big drama scene! Victoria P. is sent home after Peter gets cold feet regarding their relationship.

Victoria P., credit: abcanet

While she gets her heart-broken, Madison on the other hand, experiences all the romantic feels!

Peter gives her the group-date rose and Bachelor Nation is here for it!

Tammy vs. Mykenna

What Bachelor Nation or Peter isn’t here for is the feisty duel between Tammy and Mykenna! The two can’t seem to get along and Peter has had enough! After he hears them yelling at one another, he calls a private meeting at the cocktail party to get down to the issue!

Since the beginning of the season, the Bachelor has made it clear that he is looking for some serious love! He feels as though both women don’t share his same intentions and sends them both packing at the cocktail party!

Victoria F. and Peter go horseback riding, but their relationship becomes a little un-STABLE

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Victoria F. is granted a second one-on-one date! This time, she doesn’t run into her ex, Chase Rice, but she has another emotional conversation with Peter.

She starts to second guess their relationship because she’s intimidated by the other women in the competition! Peter comforts her and tells her to not ruin what they have.

They console each other and make up (like all couples eventually do after having emotional disagreements) and Peter gives her another date rose.

Who will continue vying for Peter’s heart?

Only six of the women remain. They are:


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Victoria F.

Victoria F.

Hannah Ann

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