‘The Bachelor’ fantasy suites: Madison’s ultimatum brings Peter to tears


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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Peter Weber’s season of “The Bachelor” is filled with drama and a whirlwind of emotions!

Monday night’s episode began at the rose ceremony where Madison has a private conversation with Peter to discuss her expectations of their relationship.

Before fantasy suite week begins, she tells him that she’s saving herself for marriage and warns him that “if next week you were to sleep with anybody else, it would be really hard for me to really move forward in this.”

Peter is in complete shock and feels as though Madison’s “ultimatum” isn’t fair, but she reassures him that she isn’t forcing him to decide.

The Bachelor then goes on to tell viewers that he, “respects Madison’s morals”, but he feels “very strongly for the other women.” In other words, he can’t focus entirely on their relationship because he has other partners to attend to as well.

Fantasy suites begin!

This week, Hannah Ann, Madison, Victoria F. and The Bachelor are taking off to the Australian Golf Coast!

And for the first time in Bachelor history, all of the finalists are living in the same room! Awkward, right?

Once the women find out, they sit uncomfortably in silence.  After a few moments, Peter breaks the ice and enters their room. He’s ready to begin the one-on-one dates and invites Hannah Ann out first!

Hannah Ann and Peter get intimate

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Peter invites Hannah Ann out for a romantic date out on the water! The pair hop on jet-ski’s and ride along one of the Coast’s famous beaches.

As the sun sets, the two lovebirds sit alongside the beach shore and pour their hearts out to one another.

Hannah Ann tearfully opens up to Peter and tells him that she loves him. She also says that she will always have his back “no matter what happens”. She’s clearly head over heels for the Bach. and luckily, the feeling is mutual!

Peter tells her that he’s “crazy for her” and means it when he truly says that he’s falling in love with her! He then goes on to tell Bachelor Nation that if his time with Hannah Ann is what true love feels like, then he “doesn’t want to come down”. How cute!

Their relationship is taken to the next level after Peter invites Hannah Ann into the fantasy suite. She of course accepts and they enter a stunning hotel room.

They enjoy champagne, dessert, and of course-each other!

Peter and Victoria F. soar to new heights

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The next day, Peter invites Victoria F. for a day of exploring the Golf Coast. They enjoy a romantic helicopter ride along the coast and land at Moran’s Falls.

They laugh, hug, share a few kisses, and surprisingly don’t get into any arguments-which they both happily acknowledge!

They both apologize for their actions during Victoria’s hometown date, and both decide to move past the situation. It’s a true moment of growth for the pair.

Later that evening, Peter and Victoria have another intimate conversation regarding their relationship. Victoria states that she lacks communication skills due to her previous relationship that lasted 3 years.

She says that he ex never let her explain her feelings, so she naturally pulls back from expressing herself whenever anyone asks about her mood. She then reassures Peter that she is working on bettering herself and wants to meet his needs.

Like a true gentleman, Peter creates a safe space for Victoria to share her feelings, but she has a hard time opening up completely.

Regardless of Victoria’s flaws, Peter invites her to the fantasy suite, and they enjoy the night together.

Madison sticks to her morals

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It’s the moment that all of Bachelor Nation has been waiting for…

During Madison and Peter’s one-on-one date, the pair climb up one of Australia’s oldest residential buildings.

The date is symbolic of their relationship because they have to make large strides to overcome one of their greatest challenges, “waiting until marriage”. Madison realizes this and tells viewers that “everything worthwhile is uphill.” She then adds, “Once you get to the top and see the view, it’s all worth it.”

There’s no doubt that Madison and Peter have great chemistry! Peter tells viewers that he’s in love with Madison and doesn’t want to let her go, but he may have spoken too soon…

The ultimatum takes its toll

The pair meet in the evening to have dinner, but their date takes a drastic turn.

Madison reminds Peter of her morals and asks if he’s adhered to the standards that she’s set for their relationship.

Peter comes clean and tells her that he’s been intimate with the other women, which immediately breaks Madison’s heart.

She excuses herself from the table and breaks down outside. Peter is visibly upset and cries at the dinner table alone.

After a few moments, he chases after Madison and tries to console her. He tells her that he loves her and doesn’t want to lose her, but it may be too late!

Madison walks away and this time it may be for good…

>>> Watch the heart wrenching moment below

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