The Bachelor Recap: Fast cars, tough conversations and a rough landing at hometown week


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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – It’s Hometown Week, which has Matt going on dates with each of the 4 remaining women and meeting their families!

First up was Michelle – they both showed up in the same outfit and then rode bikes before heading to meet her students via Zoom. They GRILLED Matt, asking about his intentions with Michelle – he basically said “We’ll see!” Michelle’s parents are adorable and the date ends with them all playing basketball.

Next up, Rachael took Matt on a wild ride…literally. She blindfolded him and drove him in her convertible to the next part of their date – skydiving. Matt had fun and gracefully landed but things went wrong with Rachael’s landing and she ended up faceplanting (HARD!) into the grass. Matt realizes how much he loves her after seeing that he almost lost her. She heads to make up so they can cover her bruises from her fall before they head to meet her family. Her dad expresses concerns about the process and how fast it’s going. Matt confesses that he’s falling in love with his daughter (it should be noted that he hasn’t said that about any of the other remaining women thus far).

Bri‘s date involves off-roading through the mud in her Jeep! Bri prepares Matt to meet her mom, who is only 8 years older than him. Her mom asks him, rightfully so, if he’s in love with her daughter and his response was that he’s “falling.” Bri feels the same and tells him but he responds with his usual response when he doesn’t feel exactly the same, “Thank you for telling me that.”

Serena P. taught Matt all about her Canadian roots before they went to meet her parents and sister. Serena quickly got freaked out after her family helped her realize she wasn’t ready to get married to Matt so soon (even though that’s the whole premise of the show) so she had to break up with him, saying he just wasn’t her “person.” Then she sent him home in his own vehicle on his own show! COLD!

Let’s see what Bachelor Nation had to say!

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