‘The Bachelor’ week 3 recap: Demi Burnett returns & ‘fake’ contestant is revealed


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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Episode 3 of “The Bachelor” was full of tears, confrontation, and tell-alls! Hannah Ann and Kelsey Weier tried to squash their “champagne-gate” drama while tension bubbled up between Sydney and Alayah!

Peter and Victoria P.’s date gets deep

The episode began with Peter and Victoria P.’s romantic one-on-one date. The pair laced up their cowboy boots and enjoyed a day of line dancing. After showing off their dance moves to one another, Victoria took their date to the next level by showing more of her intimate side.

Victoria opened up to Peter by sharing a heartwrenching story of her father’s passing during her childhood, which resulted in her mother’s struggle with drug addiction.

Like a true gentleman, Peter comforted Victoria and gave her the date rose.

Confronting the “champagne-gate” drama

In an attempt to end the drama surrounding “champagne-gate”, Hannah Ann and Kelsey Weier met in the mansion to mend their differences. Kelsey told Bachelor Nation that “this whole thing has just been taken way too far” and that she hoped it would stop.

While her intentions seemed pure, their conversation didn’t seem to end very well…

Feathers start to fly

Former Bachelor contestant, Demi Burnett was this week’s special guest! She entered the mansion with a bang…literally! At the crack of dawn, she woke the women up with a pillow fight. How’s that for an alarm clock?

Later on, the women participated in “Demi’s Extreme Pillow Fight Club” and fought “for Peter’s heart” while wearing lingerie.

All seemed to go well until Alayah defeated Sydney in the final match, won the crown, and a kiss from Peter.

Upset over the defeat, Sydney accused Alayah of being “fake” and “manipulative” and ran to Peter to spill the tea!

A lieu filled with “lies”

The next day, Chris Harrison stopped by the mansion to tell the women that Peter would be joining them for a pool party and lieu. What was meant to be a nice and relaxing day, turned into a drama-filled fiasco! Sound familiar?

Several of the women shared their true feelings about Alayah which wasn’t very nice.

One of the women was Victoria P., who revealed to Peter that she and Alayah were friends before joining the show, but decided to keep it a secret per Alayah’s request.

After learning about the news, Peter got fed up and pulled Alayah to the side…

Rose ceremony & eliminations

At the rose ceremony, viewers were shocked to learn that Peter sent Alayah home, but she didn’t leave alone.

Three other contestants were eliminated as well:

Jasmine Nguyen

credit: abcanet

Alexa Caves

Sarah Coffin

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