‘The Bachelor’ preview: All you need to know about Peter’s fantasy suite dates


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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Bachelor Nation, buckle up! Tonight is the night that we’ve all been waiting for! Last week’s hometown dates were hectic, and the competition will really begin to intensify during fantasy suite dates on Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor”!

This week, Hannah Ann, Madison, Victoria F., and Peter Weber are heading to the Australian Golf Coast, and you better believe that the drama is tagging along as well!

For the first time ever, the final three women will be living together! What could possibly go wrong? You’ll have to tune in at 8 pm on My ABC WOTV4 to find out, but here’s a sneak peek!

Madison shares her truth

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If you can recall last week’s episode, we left off at the rose ceremony where Madison seized her last opportunity to talk to Peter before the fantasy suites. Since her hometown date with Peter, Madison has had a big dilemma weighing on her mind! She wants to save herself for marriage but is dreading telling Peter because it can drastically impact their relationship.

How will Peter react?

In the episode teaser, we see the pair having an honest discussion. Madison tells Peter that she can’t move forward in their relationship if he’s intimate with another woman. Her goals are crushed after Peter reveals that he’s been intimate with one of the other women…

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During their fantasy suite week date, the pair will enjoy a day climbing one of the tallest buildings in the world! Will their moment of bliss be enough for Peter to overlook Madison’s morals?

Hannah Ann and Peter “get serious”

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Although Peter’s stuck on “navigating Madison’s challenge”, he also takes some time to
navigate the beach with Hannah Ann! The pair take off to the Gold Coast’s famous beaches and jet-ski together!

Hannah reassures Peter by telling him that she will always have his back no matter what happens. She’s obviously in love, and Peter may be falling for her in return!

Love is in the air, but will Peter decide to take their relationship to new heights?

Victoria F. and Peter buckle up for another wild ride

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The pilot and Victoria F. are gearing up for a romantic helicopter ride around Moran’s Falls, but their romance may not last for long.

The pair still have issues of the past to deal with, and it may jeopardize their

Last week, Peter completely skipped out on his hometown date with Victoria! The
pair got into an argument, leaving Victoria without the chance to introduce her family to The Bachelor.

>>> If you missed the moment see below

Will tensions build up again? Will their previous argument cause Peter to lose a sense of connection, or will The Bachelor continue their relationship by inviting Victoria F. into the fantasy suite?

See what happens during this highly anticipated episode of “The Bachelor”Monday at 8 pm on My ABC WOTV4 and follow along on Facebook, Twitterand Instagram!

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