‘The Bachelor’ Finale Part 2 recap: Peter proposes to Hannah Ann then breaks her heart; Madison clashes with Barbara


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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Chris Harrison warned all of Bachelor Nation that Season 24 of “The Bachelor” would be one of the most dramatic seasons’ yet, and he wasn’t lying!

Part two of the two-night finale was one big fiasco!

Let’s cut to the chase. We’ve all be dying to know who Peter Weber would propose to in the end. Between Madison Prewett dumping him in part one, and Hannah Ann being unsure of the status of her and Peter’s relationship, it was unclear whether or not the Bachelor would be engaged to anyone in the end.

We ultimately learn that Peter didn’t leave the season empty handed. In the end, he proposed to Hannah Ann, but the road to being “happily engaged” was far from a smooth ride and was cut short!

The Proposal

Although Madison broke Peter’s heart in Australia, Peter moves on (or so we thought) by taking his relationship with Hannah Ann to the next level. “I know what I have with Hannah Ann and that’s true love” Peter says.

Peter plans the proposal by picking out the perfect ring and facetimes Hannah Ann’s dad to receive his blessing.

While Peter is excited that he’s finally found his “true co-pilot”, Hannah Ann is having second thoughts. She still feels as though she doesn’t know where her relationship with Peter stands and worries that he isn’t really in it for the right reasons! Her intuition was spot on!

Chris Harrison meets with Peter and tells him that Hannah Ann may not be showing up to the proposal because she isn’t confident in their relationship.

Peter fears that Hannah Ann is having second thoughts because she believes that Madison is still in the picture.

Hannah Ann decides to move forth with meeting up with Peter and their interaction is both beautiful and awkward! Peter pops the question, but not before he mentions that Madison left two-days ago. It’s not every day that you get proposed to and your partner mentions his ex-girlfriend right before he gives you a ring, but Hannah Ann see’s past this.

Peter tells her that her spirit is “unlike anything he’s seen before”. How cute!

She accepts and the two love birds celebrate…for now.

Hannah Ann and Peter are happily engaged…or so we thought

They say that all good things must come to an end and that’s exactly what happened to Hannah Ann and Peter’s relationship.

After the engagement in Australia, Peter returns to Los Angeles to share the big news with his family! When he reveals that he and Hannah Ann are engaged, his family are excited! Barbara starts crying because she feels as though Peter’s made the perfect choice, but at the After the Final Rose Finale special, it seems like Barbara feels differently.

So, what happened after-all?

During the After the Final Rose Finale special, we see footage of Hannah Ann meeting up with Peter in Los Angeles. This time, she doesn’t seem too thrilled. Peter and Hannah decide to discontinue their engagement because Peter can’t give her his entire heart.

Duh! He’s obviously still in love with Madison!

Hannah Ann gives Peter a piece of her mind by telling him that he took away her first engagement. She also tells him that she want’s nothing else from him because he’s “done enough damage”!

She gives him back the ring and they go their separate ways.

They eventually see each other again at the After the Final Rose Finale special

At the after show, Peter and Hannah Ann meet up again for the first time since their breakup. Hannah Ann tells Bachelor Nation that Peter reached out to Hannah Brown for closure and didn’t tell their entire truth regarding how he truly felt about Madison. Ouch!

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Hannah Ann also drops some words of wisdom on Peter. Her word of advice is, “If you want to be with a woman, you need to become a real man.” The audience agrees and erupts in applause. Spoken like a true queen!

Since Peter and Hannah Ann didn’t work out, will Madison him another chance?

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At the after show, we also see a clip of Chris Harrison visiting Madison in Auburn. He updates Madison on Peter’s relationship status and informs her that his engagement was called off because Peter still loves her.

Taken aback, Madison tells Chris that she’s still in love with Peter but isn’t sure what his intentions are. She would soon find out during her trip to Los Angeles to visit with Peter.

In Los Angeles, Peter and Madison meet and both confess they both still have love for one another. Their feelings for each other haven’t disappeared, but they realize that they have lots of coping and healing to do. Peter apologizes for his actions and the pair seem to be on good terms. Could this be the start of a rekindled love?

Madison and Barbara’s heated conversation

Back at the After the Finale Rose special, Peter and Madison agree that they both need time to work on themselves but seem like they want to give their previous relationship another shot.

Peter asks for his family to accept Madison and all goes downhill from here.

Barbara immediately jumps in and says that doesn’t approve Peter’s request because “everyone that knows him knows that it’s not going to work”, she says. Peter’s dad also chimes in adding that Peter and Madison’s differences in morals and values will complicate their relationship.

Madison claps back reminding his family that, “this is about me and Peter”. She also stats that their relationship is just something that her and Peter should discuss.

Do you agree with Peter’s parents or Madison?

What does the future hold for Madison and Peter?

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While we don’t know what will happen between Madison and Peter, one thing is certain-they still have the feels for each other! Only time will tell whether or not they’ll decide to move forward with a romantic relationship.

Get ready for “The Bachelorette”

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After all the drama, the after show concludes with some good news! Clare Crawley enters the stage to meet Chris Harrison and talks about her upcoming journey as the new bachelorette! She’s already making her mark by becoming the oldest bachelorette in the show’s history, and she’s ready to begin an exciting journey to finding her true soulmate.

Don’t forget to tune into a new season of “The Bachelorette” on Monday, May 18th at 8 pm on My ABC WOTV4!  

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