“The Bachelor”: Fans react to Queen Victoria & a Rose Ceremony emergency



GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – Tuesday night’s episode of “The Bachelor dove a little deeper into the personalities of all the women competing for Matt James’ heart. The self-proclaimed “Queen” Victoria had fans ready to turn their TVs off, there was an intense game of paintball/capture the flag and the episode ended with Sarah taking a stumble and starting to black out. With the Rose Ceremony cut short, it’s unsure as to which women will be sent home.

Sarah also had a one-on-one date with Matt, which took off in a small plane (fans were reminded of Pilot Pete) and ended with an intimate discussion, where she revealed to Matt that her father was diagnosed with ALS.

Watch a recap below!

Matt also got a tiny glimpse of his Wedding Day on his group date that turned into a paintball brawl.

Fans sounded off about the episode with a majority of them ready for Victoria, and her needless drama, to leave, plus viewers came together in their love for Abigail and her sweet connection with Matt. Another big moment was the fact that Matt seemed to love kissing the women with his eyes open! Bri also got a one-on-one date with Matt, where he took her on a wild ATV ride that had him apologizing to her mother and ended with him removing his shirt to chop wood (super subtle!).

Take a look at some of last night’s Twitter highlights!

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