Not here for the right reasons: Bachelorette episode 5 recap *Contains spoilers!*

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – ‘The Bachelorette’ made it’s mighty return last night on My ABC WOTV4 , and it didn’t disappoint. Let’s kick it off by wrapping up the never ending Chad drama. After being dumped by JoJo and left in the woods, Chad whistles his way back to the cottage to confront the guys. Keep in mind Chad was dropped off in the middle of the woods by a helicopter and then hiked his way (following the moss?) back to the front door of the house. We thought we would see some fists fly, but instead Chad went on a rant about everyone pushing him into the corner. No one puts baby in the corner! He proceeded to squabble with Jordan and then Evan asked for $20 to replace the shirt Chad ripped. If Evan is paying $20 for his V-neck t-shirts, he has bigger problems than his goatee. Chad left and Alex returned from his date and all the guys celebrated. Here at WOTV, we will miss Chad, his antics, and the insights to the food they serve at the cocktail parties. Farewell dear, sweet Chad.

In the clip above you will see the guys having a funeral for Chad. Wells throws his protein powder to the wind. This is a testament to how funny Wells is, but at the same time I find it unbelievable that Chad forgot to pack his protein powder.

That night at the cocktail party, without the distraction of Chad, the guys realized how much it sucks to share your girlfriend with 12 other dudes. They all complained about how they’re not getting enough time with JoJo. I would like to watch a Bachelorette behind the scenes where they explain why they can’t just walk up to JoJo. Do they think they’ll seem clingy? I don’t understand. James F., who I believe was one of the more genuine and nice guys, was sent home. Sadly, so was Daniel who was rising to be one of my favorite contestants. What is the deal with this guy? How did he stick around so long? What was he talking about half the time? Can we all take a moment to remember the Mussolini conversation:

Is Chad biting into a whole sweet potato? We’ll miss you so hard, Daniel. See you in….’Bachelor in Paradise’ maybe?

Daniel on leaving: “She was obviously going for personality, and obviously my personality is f—ed. If this was based solely on looks, there’s a good chance I would still be here. My body had nothing to do with this.”

Next stop, Uruguay! Jordan got the one-on-one which the other guys didn’t like because “he’s not here for the right reasons”. That’s what we say about everyone we’re threatened by on reality tv! Jordan and JoJo made out all day on a yacht. At dinner JoJo casually mentioned how she “ran into” one of Jordan’s exes and she had less than good things to say about. JoJo asked him point blank if he cheated and he immediately responded no (that’s what they all say!). He then gave some shady answer about not “physically cheating”, rather doing some murky business that was probably frowned upon. They continued making out for the rest of the date. Jordan is a guy to watch this season, major front runner!

While Vinny the barber is cutting the guy’s hair, they start flipping through ‘In Touch’ magazine that Vinny has brought because “guys love gossip!” I am not a dude, but this doesn’t seem very dude-ish to say or do. I don’t know many women who read ‘In Touch’ magazine, let alone men who read it while getting their hair cut. If you have any insight to this, please comment below!  Anyways, in this particular article of ‘In Touch’, JoJo’s ex boyfriend, Chad, comes out and says that she was pursuing him the entire time on ‘The Bachelor’, is still in love with him, and is only doing ‘The Bachelorette’ for fame. This is ex boyfriend Chad who left the flowers for her minutes before Ben arrived, sending her into a tizzy. Not, ‘sleeping bear’ Chad that just left this episode (who is also, technically, her ex boyfriend).

The men then start questions, is JoJo here for the right reasons? Ooooooo how the tables have turned!

JoJo finds out about the article literally right on the heels of saying, “I just feel so happy. I don’t think anything could take away this feeling!” I cannot make this stuff up! There were lots of tears, but it does stir up some drama right when the episode needed it.

At the end of the episode, Grant and Vinny were sent home leaving the final 8. This is when things start to get interesting! Tune into My ABC WOTV4 next Monday for a new episode of ‘The Bachelorette’!

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