Mixed emotions: “The Bachelorette” finale recap

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Going into The Bachelorette Finale, I truly had not a clue who would come out victorious. Becca seemed entirely smitten by both Blake and Garrett, allowing confusion to slip into the hearts of viewers.

With Blake, it was clear that their emotional bond had formed far earlier than the rest of the contestants. Becca even admitted during their final one on one that she had “loved Blake for a long time”. 

Yet Blake, and America, could sense something was off.

It all started with Garrett meeting the family, which really couldn’t have gone better. During his conversation with Becca’s sister, he bursted into tears. He couldn’t imagine a life without her.

But what stood out the most during Garrett’s visit, is that the family said he reminded them of Becca’s dad, who had past away years ago.

The minute that was said, I knew Blake was in trouble.

Next came Blake, who is already at a disadvantage having to be compared the entire time.

Contrary to the previous meeting, Blake’s interaction with the family seemed to consume of one thing: Garrett. Each member that he spoke to was either reassuring him that he’d be okay if it didn’t go his way, or literally asking questions about Garrett.

Blake even said during an interview “I don’t want to talk about Garrett anymore – I don’t want to hear his name again.”

The episode had been spinning in Garrett’s direction, until the last few minutes of Blake’s one on one. In his hotel room, he shared with Becca a keepsake box, full of their memories throughout the journey. This hit her hard. Becca was swooned by the romance.

When kissing goodbye, Blake felt like she gave a telling smile that it was going to be him – that he’d be okay.


During the exit interview, Becca said smiling “All I was looking for was clarity, and I feel like I found that with Blake tonight.”

So at this point, I’m front seat on the roller coaster – I thought it was Garrett, but now it’s Blake…??

Fast forward to the proposals.


Blake rolls out of the limo first, sending “Team Blake” fans into a total panic. Sure enough, in true Bachelor fashion, Becca stops Blake before getting on one knee and admits her feelings for “another man” (aka Garrett).

The breakup was gut wrenching; but, in my opinion, one sided. Though Blake seemed totally crushed and blindsided, Becca seemed just fine.

Sure she hid behind a bush for dramatic effect, but no tears were shed. No chasing after the limo apologizing. No “did I make the right decision” moment.

The girl was ready for her man.

While Blake drove away with little to no closure, Garrett showed up all smiles… and Becca could barely hold in her excitement.

The last man standing got down on one knee, confessed his love, and asked for Becca’s hand in marriage. And as you can guess, she said YES!

The episode continued LIVE from the viewing party with Chris Harrison. There, they touched on life after The Bachelor; future plans; and, yes, Garrett’s instagram scandal.

Though viewers could tell Becca was not happy with Garrett’s instagram “likes”, they said that they worked through it together and are progressing. 

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