Men Tell All: Becca faces 16 rejected bachelors

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On Monday July 30, Men Tell All will heat up with previews of “Bachelor in Paradise.” Get ready to see some of the most shocking moments to come as we preview a dramatic season. 

BUT WAIT WHERE ARE LINCOLN AND GARRETT? A recent tweet showed that they don’t show up to the Men Tell All taping. Is Lincoln too scared to show up after the mud slinging with Chris R.?

Chris Harrison does not hesitate to get to the bottom of why the guys disliked Jordan and his golden underwear, but Jordan fights back. David and Jordan jump right into the animosity between the two on the show. What will they say about Becca rejecting them both on their two-on-one?

Chris R. tries to explain why he freaked out after being one of the front runners for Becca’s heart. He finally wants to apologize to Becca, and has some astonishing words for her. What happened? And why did he lose control?

The fan favorite, grocery store owner, Joe is back! Chris Harrison wants to see how he is handling his new found popularity and how Bachelor Nation reacted to him being sent home. 

Wills takes the floor to address how difficult it was to be sent home and confronts Becca on where their connection went wrong. 

Colton confronts Becca on whether it was his virginity or Tia that made her send him packing. Will she tell him that Tia admitted to still having feels for him?

When Becca sits down to face the men, she tries to offer Jason some closure after blindsiding him in Thailand. Does he still love her? What really made Becca feel like she couldn’t see a future with him?

All this and more on Men Tell All, Monday July 30 on My ABC WOTV4. 

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