Hannah Brown and James Van Der Beek score big on Dancing with the Stars premiere


Credit: ABC

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Last night was the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars, 2019. With contestants from all over the country, we have finally met all of our contestants and their dance partners! Let’s take a look at how the evening went. 

First a couple of highlights: Hannah Brown, the most recent Bachelorette has found her way onto another dramatic ABC series. There’s no signs of tears from this recently broken-up Bachelorette. Having a handsome fellow twirling you around while thousands gaze on in admiration probably doesn’t hurt. Speaking of that handsome fellow, Alan Bersten and Hannah made quite the splash last night, with the second highest score of 20.

A few other notable events was James Van Der Beek’s and Emma Slater’s dazzling tango that scored highest with a 21. In the words of Judge Carrie “We have a leading man in the house” and it shows, Van Der Beek danced with confidence and Slater glided along with him. But who even is James Van Der Beek? The 42 year old is most known for his character, Dawson Leery, in the WB series “Dawson’s Creek.” Maybe after this season of DWTS, he’ll find a new calling as a professional dancer? Our hopes are high.

Model Sailor Brinkley-Cook quickly stepped in for her mother after Christie Brinkley took a terrible tumble and broke an arm during a rehearsal. With only three days to prepare, Sailor and partner, Val, performed an adorable fox-trot that scored an impressive 18. Although Christie was devastated about not being able to dance, she was happy her daughter could take over for her, calling it the “silver lining.”

Finally, the elephant in the room. Sean Spicer’s shirt. In case you missed it, Spicer, the former White House worker danced actually quite well for having absolutely zero experience. Unfortunately not many were able to see that talent behind the shear brilliance of his neon colored shirt. But then again, maybe he was just trying to grab attention? If so, well played Spicer, well played.

Credit: ABC

He did in fact score higher than the towering professional basketball player Lamar Odom who was sent home last night Sorry Odom, height might be an asset in basketball, but it’s a challenge to find the right flow with a partner over a foot shorter than you.

A quick look at the scores:

  • First place: James and Emma – Score: 21
  • Second place: Hannah and Alan – Score: 20
  • Third place: Lauren and Gleb – Score: 19
  • Fourth place: Sailor and Val – Score: 18
  • Fifth place (tie): Karamo and Jenna – Score: 17
  • Fifth place (tie): Mary and Brandon – Score: 17
  • Sixth place (tie): Kel and Whitney – Score: 16
  • Sixth place (tie): Ally and Sasha – Score: 16
  • Sixth place (tie): Sean and Linsday – Score: 16
  • Seventh place(tie): Kate and Pasha – Score: 15
  • Seventh place (tie): Ray and Cheryl – Score: 15
  • Eighth place: Lamar and Peta – Score: 11

Check in next Monday night at MY ABC WOTV4 at 8:00PM to see how our contestants do next!

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