Fan favorite, Jason sent packing on The Bachelorette

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In Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette, Becca and her remaining three suitors (Jason, Blake and Garrett) found themselves in steamy Thailand.

First up, Blake.

Becca’s first day… evening… and following morning… were with Blake. Though it ended up going magically, it started shaky.

All at once Blake realized that there were two other men in the picture and that this could be his last date with Becca.

Throughout the night, he got out of his head and started taking advantage of his time with the bachelorette. And by morning, viewers were convinced that the two were destined for each other.

Next up, Jason.

Spoiler! Fan favorite, Jason was sent home completely blind sided.

After some time at a flee market (eating crickets!), Becca asked to speak with the producers privately. She shared her doubts about Jason, and that she couldn’t picture a future with him.

“I can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right . . . I realized I can’t see him in the future,” she said.

Fighting off the feelings, they continued their date and headed to dinner.

Sadly, the same anxiety and frustration followed her. Therefore, she left Jason alone again to “take a breath”.

Finally, she confessed to Jason what was going on.

Jason, being Jason, was a complete gentlemen. He even came back for Becca, putting viewers through a heart attack, to tell her he wishes her happiness.

Will Jason be the next Bachelor? Time will tell.

Last but not least, Garrett.

The entire day, Becca is eagerly waiting to hear those three magic words out of Garrett’s mouth…

“I know that Garrett is falling in love with me,” said Becca. “But I want to make sure, too, that he can see himself… committing to me.”

Their date took place on the water! The two set off rafting on (what they didn’t realize was) a Thai national holiday, making it incredibly busy.

When night falls, Garrett gives a bachelor-sized speech about facing his fears, insecurity, his failed marriage, and more.

Becca loves that he’s opening up, and they get into the conversation of “If I pick you, where would we live?”

When Garrett says he can go about anywhere with his career, our bachelorette begins beaming. It’s like she realized that this relationship could really work. 

Then, finally, after an awkward, brow-wiping pause, Garrett admits his true feelings for Becca. 

“Seeing how you interacted with my family, I realized how much I truly do love you,” He said. “I hope you’re the last woman I ever have to say that to.”

Becca was overjoyed with the news.

Suddenly we were in shock. An hour ago we were certain she’d end up with Blake, and now… could it be Garrett?

They ended their night the fantasy suite. 

The Rose Ceremony. 

The rose ceremony was a bit pointless, knowing that Jason was already sent home.

Although, one thing we can take note of, is who she gave the first rose to – Garrett! 

Becca also informed Chris Harrison that she will not be telling anyone she loves them until the end. She wants to save those words for one guy.

We applaud Becca for her integrity!

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