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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Hannah is excited about hometowns and so are we! This week is important to Hannah and her relationships. She gets to meet the men’s families who love them and raised them. But, will she get the clarity and validation she desires with all the families? Whose family is iffy about their son and Hannah’s relationship?

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Peter’s hometown

Westlake Village, California

Hannah didn’t have to go far for this hometown, Peter is from ____ California, which is minutes away from the mansion. Peter picks Hannah up in his gorgeous Mercedes because everyone always drives awesome cars in these shows.

Peter is looking for a copilot for life so Hannah becomes his copilot for this date. Did you expect them to do anything else on this date? Flying is Peter’s ultimate passion and he wants to share this with Hannah. He wants to know if their relationship will soar to the next level.

Peter’s family is super cute. His mother is so excited to see Hannah and Peter walk through the door. They are nothing but welcoming with their big smiles and tight hugs.

The entire family can see that Peter has very strong feelings for Hannah and is possibly in love with her. But, they are skeptical of where Hannah is at in their relationship because they are aware there are three other men in the picture who are also fighting for Hannah. Which is 100% understandable! Any family would feel this way in this situation.

Everyone wants the best for Peter and seem accepting of Hannah! They are all very caring and wholesome people.

Peter’s feelings for Hannah are obviously true and strong. There is no doubt in anyone’s minds he is in this for the long haul.

Tyler’s hometown

Jupiter, Florida

The best way to explore Jupiter is by boat. Tyler swears he is better at driving a boat than riding a horse and we all sure hope so…  

“There is no doubt there is some sexual attraction between Tyler and I,” says Hannah while they rub tanning lotion all over one another. But she is worried about the next steps in their relationship. She loves the idea of a future with Tyler in Jupiter and wants clarity if he is ready for marriage.

Tyler has not seen his father since he left for the mansion and he was not in the best shape at that time physically. This reunion of Tyler and his family is an emotional one.

Everyone could see the way Hannah and Tyler look at one another and are sure the two are in love. They are very supportive of his and Hannah’s relationship because they have never seen Tyler this happy and that’s all they could ask for. There is no doubt in Tyler’s family’s minds and Tyler’s that he is ready to get down on one knee and propose to Hannah.

Hannah meeting Tyler’s family put their future into perspective for both of them. And the quick make out in the back of the car before sending Hannah off solidified how well this hometown went.

Luke’s hometown

Gainesville, Georgia

Luke was the first one to tell Hannah he was in love with her but there has been a lot of ups and downs in their relationship since then. Luke is like a jigsaw puzzle, Hannah has the edges down but can’t quite figure out the inside but really wants to.

Hannah gets to take part in Luke’s Sunday school where he shares his story of his high school and college ways that entangled him in sin. We also hear the shower story, yet again.

Hannah hopes the positive momentum from the Sunday school can continue over into meeting Luke’s family. Hearing stories from Luke’s Sunday school colleagues confirms the good Hannah sees in him.

Surrounding Luke with people who love him brings out the true him that Hannah wants to see because the Luke we’ve seen in the house isn’t the true Luke his family informs us. They are shocked the men didn’t get along with Luke and all the drama that followed him.

Luke’s family knows that Luke is exactly what Hannah is looking for. They see the resemblance between what Hannah says she wants and who Luke is and what he does. They reassure her that the drama that has surrounded Luke is not the true him.

The true him is ready for engagement but he still needs to open up more to Hannah and prove to her he is ready. His actions need to correlate with his words. He tells Hannah he is in love with her and she admits to the camera she is falling in love with him as well.

Jed’s hometown

Nashville, Tennessee

They have been all over the world but Jed is happy they made it to his hometown. Last week Hannah told Jed she loved him so it is clear their connection is already strong.

Jed’s guitar has made an appearance many times this season and it makes another. Jed and Hannah create a song that incorporates all their favorite memories together during this journey. The song may not make it on to any charts but it filled all of our hearts.

Jed tells Hannah he loves her and the two just melt into each other’s arms. Nothing but smiles and kisses. Hannah knows her relationship with Jed is in a good place and is confident about meeting his family and is excited to see the people who made Jed who he is.

Jed’s family is the typical, loving and friendly southern family. They are very supportive of Jed’s music career and are happy to hear that Hannah is excited to be by his side through it all.

But, when hit with the hard question, his family is not sure if he is ready for marriage. They believe he is following a different path and don’t think him falling in love with Hannah is a good thing.

Hannah leaves Jed’s family without the validation she was wanting. She now needs more time to think about their relationship and see where it will go from here.

Rose Ceremony

Hannah is there with all four of these men so this is a difficult decision for her. They are getting close to the end and she really has to think about her future more than ever tonight and these coming weeks. Her heart is open to all the relationships and is not ready to close any doors. There is no clear front runner and straggler in Hannah’s head. Her decision with the roses may be on the spot, spur of the moment.

Both Tyler and Peter get roses but deciding between Jed and Luke is obviously very difficult for Hannah so she does not give out a final rose! Instead, Chris brings out two roses and both the men receive roses. Instead of going into next week with the final three, it will continue to be four.

Jed is not happy about his rose though. Which is totally understandable! He was put on the same level as Luke, someone who has “been a toxin in the house.” Jed is unsure if he can continue on knowing Hannah could not choose him over Luke.

The group head to Greece next week and the promo shows some drama between Hannah and Luke about Hannah’s sex life with the other men and an important question from Jed regarding Hannah’s feelings towards Luke.

Tune in next week, Monday, July 15th at 8pm on My ABC WOTV 4 to find out who Hannah sends packing!

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