Bachelorette week 7 recap: nude Latvian traditions


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Hannah is ready for a fresh start in Riga, Latvia. The men need to start worrying about their own relationships because it’s make or break at this point.

There are 9 men left so I think I have one more rose ceremony until her decisions start to break my heart. There are only a couple men left that I either still don’t know their names or I have no emotional connection with.

Everything is smooth sailing this week until Luke opens his mouth. But you’ll have to read further to find out exactly what went down!

First one-on-one

Nude leap of love   

Garrett gets the first one-on-one this week and it is interesting to say the least.       

The date is planned to test Garrett and Hannah’s relationship and the trust they have for each other. They do this by taking a “leap of love.” But with a tiny twist… there are no clothes involved in this leap. Full on birthday suits! Lucky you Garrett!

This nude leap is actually a tradition in Latvia for couples. Hannah knew about the jump, but nothing about the nudity until the couple before them jumped after stripping down.

They bungee jump from 43 meters up, above a river. There is snow falling and they are wearing no clothes! But Garrett is amazing throughout the whole thing. Even though he is also nervous, he encourages Hannah and calms her down. Major props to them for doing this. This definitely brought them closer.

Fully clothed, the couple moves onto the evening portion of their date and Garrett cheers about all the sights Riga has to offer. And Hannah agrees that they were some good sights. She likes what she sees Garrett.

Garrett admits he is falling in love with Hannah and she cannot stop smiling. Even while asking Garrett to accept the rose!

“Garrett feels like home,” Hannah says.

Group dates

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Mike, Jed, Tyler, Dustin, Luke, Connor, and Dylan roam the streets of Riga on this group date and take shots of moonshine, eat pickles, and bite fish heads… No, this is not a Latvia tradition.

Hannah looks very happy on this group date for once. No drama so far. But Luke is on this date so of course, the pot is about to be stirred. And all it took was for Hannah to clarify that she and Garrett did bungee jump naked.

Hannah is so thankful it was a smooth group date. No problems, no drama, and just a bunch of fun. From a make-out session with Tyler to Jed playing the piano, the date is going very well in my eyes and in Hannah’s.

But then Luke opens up to the men about his feelings towards the nude bungee jumping. And Tyler speaks up and says he respects that Hannah is enjoying Riga to its fullest. She did not see the experience as anything sexual. It was just for the overall adrenaline and memories.

Luke was certain he was going to get the group date rose because he opened up to Hannah and was real about how he felt about Garrett’s one-on-one but Tyler won Hannah over with the bouquet of flowers from earlier in the date.

Second one-one-one

Let’s heat things up

Things get hot and steamy, both literally and figuratively on this Latvian spa date between Hannah and Peter.

The two get to make their own concoctions that they get to rub all over one another. Each herd used has different affects on the person it is applicated on.

After they get “massaged” with what looks like tree branches, (no offense to any Latvian rituals) the two move to the sauna where things really start to heat up.

“Our physical connection is a 10 out of 10.” But is their more there?

Hannah has no doubts that Peter is all about her and is going all in on this journey.

 I am NOT making any predictions or hinting at anything here, just making a simple observation. But Peter and Hannah’s relationship reminds me a lot of Colton Underwood and Cassie’s. We don’t see much of them together, but when we do, it’s very physical and intense. And Hannah seems to be very into him just like Colton was with Cassie. Their relationship is just very low key until it is just the two of them.

Hannah just wants to know if there is substance behind their chemistry. And finally, someone asks questions to get the know Hannah! This is exactly what she has been wanting from the men and it can finally happen now that there is no underlying drama in the house.

Peter’s career is a very get up and go kind of job and Hannah is worried about how that will work if the two of them end up together. Peter reassures her that everything will work and come together and they will just see where the river takes them.

Peter’s vulnerability earns him a rose! He can finally go into a rose ceremony without any worries.

Hannah likes that Peter is a man and makes her feel like a woman. She sees him as a life partner and Peter seems to be on the same page.

Events before the rose ceremony

The night before the rose ceremony, Jed surprises Hannah and serenades her outside of her bedroom from the street! I LOVE HIM! And if Hannah doesn’t, she is crazy. This is something straight out of a romance novel! Something every girl dreams of! Ugh, my heart is melted.

“That was very nice, and you are very fine,” is all that is said by Hannah before she crawls on top of him and the make out begins. Jed stops the moment to tell Hannah he is truly falling in love with her. And of course Hannah cannot say it back yet because they never do this early, but I have a strong feeling that she is falling for him as well.

While Jed is getting all of Hannah’s attention, Garrett confronts Luke about his curiosity and questions about the nude one-on-one. Luke becomes worried that this conversation will make its way into the rose ceremony and asks Garrett to not bring it up to Hannah.

You are in no position to be asking any of the men to do anything Luke.

The morning of the rose ceremony, Hannah shows up and wants to speak to Luke. Luke seems excited and happy that Hannah is asking for him but her face doesn’t have me convinced that it is a good conversation that is going to be had.

The conversation they had on the group date did not sit well with Hannah. Luke was not wise with his words when they last spoke and a lot of things are standing to Hannah as negative words towards her and her character. Luke mentioned he wants to be confident in bringing her home to his parents but doesn’t seem like he will be due to the bungee jumping.

The conversation goes on and on with Luke defending what he said, saying his words were twisted and just overall covering his own behind. But Hannah is not falling for it. He apologizes for her “misunderstanding” him.

Again, Luke cannot own up to anything he has said or done. And this is stuff he said directly to Hannah.  

Hannah and Luke are so on and off lately. She is so unsure about their relationship and Luke as a person. I do not understand why he is still on the show!? She is fighting so hard to work things out with Luke so early in their “relationship.” What does she expect their relationship outside of the show to be like?

Not only does Hannah have issues with Luke right now, so do all the men and they voice it the moment he comes back. An argument starts, Luke is pointing fingers, Garrett and Tyler are telling Luke how it is and even Jed chimes in.

In the midst of all the drama, Chris walks through the door and informs the men there will be no cocktail party because Hannah knows exactly what she is going to do. This is the third cocktail party she has canceled after issues with Luke.

Rose ceremony

Despite all the recent drama, Hannah comes into the rose ceremony smiling and thinking positive about the past week in Riga.

I am realizing just how much I like all the men on this show, minus Luke. They smile for one another when their names get called for a rose. They are all so encouraging and understanding of what this journey entails. They root for one another. But never for Luke. Obviously.

I am starting to really question Hannah’s mindset. She keeps Luke… again. I was so sure this time he was going home this week! The dude has nine lives. I’m not sure how many he has used up now, but the count has got to be getting low. Even Hannah is unsure how she feels about Luke. The whole situation is so messy!

Dustin and Dylan, the two I still had no idea who they were, are sent home. While I don’t doubt they had big hearts and were invested in their relationships with Hannah, they did not stand out from the group as front runners.

The promo for next week is again filled with drama stemming from Luke. But it looks like poor Peter gets dragged into it.

Will Luke’s explosion finally put Hannah over the edge or does he have a few more lives to use? Find out next week on My ABC WOTV4 on Monday, July 1st, at 8pm.

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