Bachelorette Week 6 Recap: “Stay in your Frickin Lane”


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Finally we get the answer we have all been waiting a week for! Does Luke P. go home!? I have conflicting feelings towards this question. On one side I want him to go home because he is just nothing but drama in this house but on the other, I want him to stay because he was my favorite right off the bat.

This week’s episode is a little different. There were no group dates and no one-on-ones. The last hour or so was a recap of Hannah’s journey so far. But you will have to keep reading to figure out why they did the episode this way.

Luke’s one-on-one continued

Luke owns up to the crappy date being his fault because it clearly is. He showed no emotion to Hannah and was his usual robot self we have been seeing the past couple weeks. Hannah doesn’t want some robot. She wants a man with emotion and feelings and one who shares those feelings.

This why Luke does not receive the rose and is sent home… and then brought back after he goes to Hannah and desperately reveals all his emotions and thoughts

This is another side of Luke we have not seen yet. He is no longer the robot that Hannah has no connection with. This is the man Hannah has been trying to push out from Luke’s thick ego. Not giving Luke a rose but allowing him to stay is exactly what Hannah needs she claims.

But of course, the men are back at the mansion? Castle? Amazing residence, ready to throw Luke a going away party. Just without Luke.

The men see Luke staying no other way than throwing someone else in the mud

Cocktail party

Hannah looks stunning in her all white jacket and dress! One of my favorite outfits of hers so far.

Garrett is the first one to confront Hannah about the whole Luke staying situation. He wanted to make sure Luke kept to his word about not bringing up any of the other men. Hannah implies he did bring up Mike and Dylan but provoked it. But he still went back and told the men Luke brought them up.

I am on Luke’s side right now! Garrett is blowing this out of proportion! Of course the men go full attack mode and no one believes Luke because Garrett fails to mention that Hannah asked about these men and pushed for answers.

Little do the men know, Hannah is overhearing everything being said and is sick of all the fighting. She essentially comes to Luke’s rescue and confronts all the men.

Luke tells Hannah what the men are mad about. And Hannah lets everyone know why these men were part of the conversations that took place on her and Luke’s one-on-one.

Overall, Hannah tells everyone to stay in their own lane. This is exactly what all the men need to do!

But they don’t. They continue arguing and again, Hannah can still hear them.

So again, she has to tell everyone to worry about themselves and her. Not to focus on each other and their relationship with Hannah.

Hannah b doesn’t take no crap from anyone! We already knew this but it is in full affect at this cocktail ceremony. 

Chris Harrison comes in clutch during Hannah’s time of need. Why did none of the other men? Come on guys! Someone be there for her!

Rose ceremony

Luke is shaking in his salmon suit. He did not receive a rose on his one-on-one so what are his chances of getting one at the ceremony?

Hannah’s overall demeanor during the ceremony isn’t her usual, cheerful, peppy self. She doesn’t seem to want to give any of these men roses except for her first two: Conner and Tyler. Both of which had no part in the argument that took place tonight. 

Luke P. receives the final rose and lives for another week! He survived the men’s heat as well as Hannah’s. This left Devin, Grant, and Kevin without roses.

Hannah struggles through her last words to the men before ending the rose ceremony. She is completely defeated.

New Destination

The group heads to Latvia, Riga for the next few days. But before we can even get a date in, Chris Harrison talks to Hannah about her journey so far. As Hannah has mentioned many times, it’s not going great. She is unsure if this is right for her.

Hannah just wants to be able to share information about herself with the men but has not had the chance to. The men have not given her that chance like she wants.

The men have pushed Hannah Beast to her breaking point because of their constant drama and arguing. I mean can you blame her? I think any woman in her situation would have thoughts of giving up on these men.

Flashbacks with Chris Harrison

In order to continue on with Hannah’s journey, the viewers need to see what pushed Hannah to this point.

This has all been building up. Hannah has put everything into this and it is being trampled with drama. We flash back to the men who have stirred up drama so far this season like Scott, the one with the girlfriend, from the first episode. Cam and his on the fly sob story that was intended to earn him a pity rose but did not. And of course everything with Luke P.

But the conversation isn’t all depressing. We find out Hannah’s favorite date so far was the Mr. Perfect pageant because she enjoyed seeing the men be themselves and having fun. And both Chris and Hannah agree my man Jed stole the show! He sure is dreamy.

Also, do you remember when Hannah called Scott Marcus when she sent him home the first night? I was very confused who Marcus was because that’s none of the men’s names. But we find out “Marcus” is actually the name of her zit that appeared on her cheek very early in the season. She says Marcus is the man no one wants around and is always interrupting conversations.

Overall, Hannah wants to stay to fall in love. She already has relationships that she thinks could be it for her. One of these men is her future husband. She wants to continue on. She is ready for a fresh start.  

The promo for the rest of the season is steamy, sexy, dramatic and everything in between! You won’t want to miss next week’s episode, maybe we will find out who plans to propose to our bachelorette so early!

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