Bachelorette week 3 recap: “pity rose”


THE BACHELORETTE – “1503” – Eight men get the surprise of their life as husband and wife actors Jason Biggs (“American Pie” movies, “Orange Is the New Black”) and Jenny Mollen (TV series “Angel” and “Crash”) take them to a birthing class with hilarious results. Which one of Hannah’s suitors will endure the experience of […]

To be honest, I was worried about Hannah Brown being the new Bachelorette. But dang has she proved me wrong!

She is here to find a husband and will not deal with anyone’s BS along the way, not even Luke P.’s! Hannah is forced to set a few men straight this week and trust her gut when it comes to the men fighting for her heart. 

1 on 1 Date 

Connor S. “sets sail.” 

Connor and Hannah are supposed to set sail for their 1 on 1 but Hannah has to swap the sailboat and date for an ambulance and emergency room. 

With Hannah feeling under the weather, their date turns into a quick visit from Connor with flowers and soup. After a cuddling and small talk sesh, Connor leaves to let Hannah get some rest. But before walking out the door, he leaves sticky notes around the house for Hannah to find when she wakes up. On each note, he writes something he likes or admires about Hannah. 

Later in the day, Connor is surprised and swept away to go finish his 1 on 1. The men begin to talk and assume the date is a “pity date” and the rose will be a “pity rose.” 

Before the date even begins, Hannah gives him the rose he has been waiting for and it is not out of pity. 

Group Dates 

Group date 1: Labor Pains 

The men are tested on their knowledge of the female anatomy during pregnancy, where we quickly realize Cam does not understand basic facts about pregnancy, nor do most of the other men. 

The best part of the date is when the men are hooked to a labor simulator! While John Paul Jones can’t handle the pain and nearly breaks Hannah’s hand and Tyler C. trying to play it cool, Hannah feels a connection with Jed (yay!) when it is his turn in the seat.

During the night portion of the date, Mike opens up about his ex getting pregnant but sadly lost the baby in the second trimester. A very tough and heart breaking event in his life. 

But of course, Cam will be Cam and interrupts Mike’s talk with Hannah numerous times and says he has something very important to share with Hannah. More important than Mike’s story? I doubt it.

Finally, Cam gets his time and shares his “important” information with Hannah… He resigned from his job to come be on the Bachelorette. Didn’t come across as something super important to share if you ask me. But luckily Jonathan comes in and gives Cam a piece of his own medicine and forces him out of the room. Physically. 

Despite Cam’s rude interruptions, Mike receives the group date rose. He deserves it. 

Group Date 2: The Secret Life of Hannah’s Men 

Hannah makes it even more difficult to not sit and stare at most of these men by throwing some adorable animals into the mix. 

While the men choose the furry friend they want to incorporate into their photos, Demi Burnett is back to her sleuthing ways to see what the men do when Hannah isn’t watching. But is “profoundly disappointed there is no one to stomp.” 

Even though Luke P. comes out clean from the investigation, some red flags are arising in Hannah’s eyes when he “steals the show in a negative way.” Luke’s jealousy of the attention Hannah is giving the other men starts to show. From barging in on Joey’s shoot to trying to follow Hannah into her changing room, Luke unravels and Hannah doesn’t seem to be having it. 

Luke is imploding right before our eyes! He interrupts everyone’s time with Hannah, pouts around the other men, and even commented that he does not actually love Hannah and even thought about going home.


Luke is revealing a different side to him we have not seen yet and if this continues, he will not last much longer. 

With rose in hand, Hannah asks to speak with Luke away from the other men. Of course, we are all on the edge of our seats thinking Hannah is crazy! But, instead on giving him the rose, she gives him a piece of her mind. 

After putting Luke in his place, Hannah gives the rose to Peter. 

Cocktail Party, Sorta

We have seen Hannah’s personality come out in a lot of the dates and events that have taken place this season, and we see it again when she cancels the cocktail party and throws a tailgate party! 

But much like the guy from the opposing team who shows up to ruin a good time, Cam pulls Hannah aside to reveal a sob story as a last chance effort to stay in the house. A story that “is something that has been a downfall” in his past two serious relationships, and there might be a chance Hannah sends him home before the rose ceremony he believes. 

Now I am not going to say if the story is true or not, but it seems a little too on the fly. From revealing almost needing a leg amputated, to his grandmother dying, to having to re-home his 10 month old puppy, Cam tried to pull at all the heart strings. 

Luckily for Hannah, Mike reveals that this was all part of some plan Cam put together to receive a pity rose. 

Rose Ceremony 

Shots are fired at Cam when Hannah states that the roses being given out are not pity roses. 

Curiosity killed me during this rose ceremony! Is Luke P. going home tonight? Is Cam? Who even are some of these men? 

Cam is again left to sweat during the whole ceremony and in the end, did not receive a pity rose. Also going home is Joey, and Jonathan. 

The rose ceremony was not the only reason some men went home this week though. Tyler G. was mysteriously sent home. “Tyler G. had to leave, and that’s upsetting, because I really enjoyed my date with him,” is what Hannah told the camera before quickly changing the subject. 

Make sure you watch next week’s episode on Monday, June 3rd on My ABC WOTV to see just how far Luke P. will go. 

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