Bachelorette Season Finale Recap, Part 1: meeting the parents stirs up some confusion


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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.- Monday was just part one of a two part live season finale! Luke P. is finally outta the picture but, that doesn’t make Hannah’s decision any easier. Instead, this seems to be the hardest decision she has made yet. With just three men left, Hannah must decide who she will say yes to on Tuesday night! (No pressure Hannah B.)

This episode picks up right where we left off last week, in the middle of a very important rose ceremony with Tyler C., Jed, and Peter in Crete, Greece. Hannah has two roses to give and is very torn by this decision. She knows that she will not only be breaking one of the men’s hearts, but her’s as well (and ours).

Jed receives the first rose, securing his place for Tuesday night. All of Bachelor Nation is on the edge of their seats now! Tyler C. receives the second rose, sending pilot Peter home.

Hannah walks Peter out, her hand in his. She has already been crying over this decision and now Peter is crying as well. He tells her that she’ll “always have a piece of my heart.” They share one last emotional conversation, followed by a heartbreaking hug. Once they say their goodbyes, Peter drives away and lets out everything. I mean full on bawling but, Hannah does as well.

Immediately we are in the studio with Chris Harrison who is accompanied by the heart broken Peter. Peter speaks about how he felt at that moment and how hard it has been since then. This is the first time he has watched the whole event play out. He explains that he truly believed after leaving the windmill that it was going to be him at the end. All of the rumors had us thinking the same thing!

Peter’s family is present in the audience and his mother Barbara tells us how difficult it is and was to see her son so hurt.

Peter admits to the exact moment he realized he loved Hannah and it was while watching the fireworks in Latvia. Hannah joins him for the first time after sending him home. She lets him know there “wasn’t anything wrong” with their relationship, she was just falling in love with two other men. She has no concrete answer why she sent Peter home.

Hannah spoke about how difficult it was to send him home, knowing she was possibly letting go of the perfect guy. To this, an audience member comments aloud “you did!”

To lighten things up, Chris can’t help but throw in a windmill joke about how no one will be able to look at a windmill the same because of Hannah and Peter. Hannah confesses they may have a lied a little when saying it only happened twice, “it was actually four times.” The entire audience applauds, including Peter’s parents! Peter and Hannah are left blushing and laughing on the couch.

Back in Crete, Hannah is still working on her decision between Jed and Tyler. She is preparing to introduce them both to her family! Tyler is up first and everything goes so perfectly! It seems like Jed may even be out of the picture.

Hannah’s mom is blown away by Tyler and can see just how in love he is with her daughter. Even her dad is immediately won over by Tyler due to the restraint he showed in the fantasy suite.

During a conversation with her mom, Hannah admits she could see herself getting engaged to Tyler and, during some alone time, tells Tyler she’s been falling in love with him.

Both of Hannah’s parents approve of Tyler without a doubt and are very impressed by him and his character.

Next, it is Jed’s turn. With Tyler going first, Hannah’s parents admit the bar has been set pretty high and when Jed announces he is a musician, they seem skeptical. Like any parent would be…

Her dad pulls Jed aside and asks him how he plans to provide for Hannah and Jed tries to reassure him by explaining he’s signed a deal to write a dog food jingle… “They don’t think I’m adequate or something,” Jed says to the camera. While Hannah’s mom tries to explain to her what the “Nashville lifestyle” entails.

Her parents reaction to Jed and his not so direct responses to questions has Hannah freaking out. She tells Jed about how well things went with Tyler and how she is now confused. He tries to comfort her by telling her “we know what we have.”

“Two people are in my heart at the same time, and I don’t want to make the wrong decision,” she says.

Before making a final decision, Hannah gets to go on one more date with each man. Tyler gets one more shot at horseback riding, after already confessing his hatred for horses. But, this date goes better. Everything between them seems effortless. That night, they talk about making a life together and having a family. Tyler says he wants to get the kids ready for soccer practice. They then head up to Tyler’s room for the night. Hannah tells the camera in a voice-over interview that she never wants his arms to let go.

When it is Jed’s turn, they head out on a boat together through some not so smooth waters which causes Hannah to get seasick. Both Jed and Hannah admit to being uneasy about where things stand between them. Suddenly reality hits her about having to let one of the guys go. This plus the seasickness has her all stressed out.

At dinner, Hannah and Jed still seem anxious and awkward together. Jed tries to reassure her that he will be able to provide for her and that he would have loved her no matter how they met, but Hannah expresses confusion about the decision ahead of her.

Hannah comes out live on stage to say the last two months have been really hard and emotional for her. She refers to all the rumors out there, saying she needs a lot of answers from someone Tuesday night? Answers from who? She says she really doesn’t know what’s going to happen during part two of the finale.

You won’t want to miss this never before Bachelorette ending! Who does Hannah choose? Does she choose anyone? Who does she need answers from!? All this and more Tuesday, July 30 at 8pm on My ABC WOTV 4!

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