Bachelor Recap: Women Tell All has tears, bloopers and Matt’s new beard


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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – There were many tearful revelations and reunions on this week’s episode of The Bachelor: Women Tell All. Drama continued as the women brought up things that happened in the house, most notably, multiple women said Katie was the one who made the house toxic, by bringing light to the toxicity.

Brittany also confronted Anna about the nasty rumor she spread and how it’s affected her life since, with Anna ending up apologizing, hopefully sincerely. Queen Victoria then tried to compare those rumors to tweets talking about her bra strap always showing. She is definitely the Queen of deflecting!

All in All, the Tell All was pretty heavy but they added in lighthearted bloopers and Matt addressed why he kisses with his eyes open – finally some answers! They also showed some of the previous dates that didn’t make the cut, like the one where the girls had to drink raw eggs or eat a bunch of pancakes then chug a whole beer. Fans were disappointed that we didn’t get to see fun dates and instead got hours of drama between the contestants!

Let’s see what Bachelor Nation had to say!

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