'The Bachelorette' premieres with a proposal, a chicken suit and a full choir

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) - 28 bachelors all stepped out of the limo on Monday night and only 21 walked away with roses from Bachelorette Becca Kufrin.

This fan-favorite episode always has Bachelor Nation excited to see what the men will do during their individual entrance and this season did not disappoint.  The Bachelorette, dazzled in a shimmering gown, and anxious eligible bachelors pulled out all of the stops. One of the men surprised her by dropping to one knee with a proposal on the spot.

Another man was so eager to show that he is ready for fatherhood that he pulls up in a minivan full of soccer balls, a child safety seat and snacks. Not to be outdone, an adventure lover rode in on an ox, and one brave man arrived in a chicken suit. Finally a confident entrepreneur brought an entire gospel choir to serenade the elegant Bachelorette.

Becca was beyond impressed with this group of handsome men and within minutes one aggressive bachelor whisks her off for the first one-on-one conversation of the night. The rest of the evening Becca’s suitors scrambled to steal her away for some private time.

While the men tried and show her they are there for the right reasons, two bachelors decide to share some strange allegations as one man questions the other’s intentions – right in front of Becca! But the drama is just starting, as a man she remembers meeting in Minnesota shows up as one of her suitors.

She already needs to rely on her gut instincts to make the right decision: Should he stay or go? Ultimately, she kicked him to the curb in hopes of finding romance with one of the other men.

The first impression rose went to Garrett who pulled up in a mini van!  In a pre-game talk with other ABC 'Bachelorettes', they said the first impression rose is a big deal because usually that guy makes it all the way to the end, if not wins!  So we shall see. 

At the end of the night only 21 of the men walked away with a rose.

Here is who was sent home....

Kamil, a "social media participant" from Monroe, New York.

Christian E., a banker from San Diego, California.

Joe, a grocery store owner from Chicago, Illinois.

Chase, an advertising VP from Sanford, Florida. 

Darius, a pharmaceutical sales rep from Sherman Oaks, California.

Grant, an electrician from Danville, California.

Jake, a marketing consultant from Minneapolis, Minnesota.




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