8 Books you won’t be able to put down


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) – The weather may be warming  Check out our must-read list for the season, every book on it makes for a great companion to cozy up with.

1. A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

This story follows the story about a man named Ove who is basically the neighbor from hell – he’s grumpy, he has a short fuse, he has very strict routines, and the fact of the matter is the man just never smiles. All of that changes however when a young family, with two young girls, moves in next door. Is there more to Ove than just his grumpy exterior? Why is Ove so grumpy anyways? This story is a funny and heart warming tale about unexpected friendships and the power of how one life can effect so many others. This book feels like a warm sunny day no matter how cold it actually is outside!

2. A Dogs Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

Ever wanted to get a glimpse into what your pets are thinking, well this book is your chance! The best part of this novel is it’s written in a dog’s eye perspective about the many lives he has lived. This book sheds light on the idea that every creature is born with a purpose and that loves never dies because the people we care about the most are always with us in our hearts. This book will make you laugh, it will make you cry and above all it will make you never want it to end! It’s the perfect book to warm up the soul this winter as you put a whole new value on the term “man’s best friend”.

3. Cross The Line by James Patterson

Crime seems to have taken over Washinton D.C in this thrilling novel. First one homicide, then another…which also happens to be the chief of police? The city is in panic, there’s no one in charge of the police force, the list of suspects keeps growing, oh and the person behind it all just so happens to be one of the most powerful men in the whole city. It couldn’t get any worse, oh wait of course it could! Who can save the city when no one can be trusted? The daunting task falls into the laps of policeman Alex Cross and his wife Bree. Do they have what it takes to save themselves, their marriage, and their city? You’ll be so infatuated with this power couple’s story that you won’t even have time to notice all the snow outside!

4. Hillbilly Elegy by J.D Vance

This memoir is going to be a huge change of scene this winter. It will make you think and reflect as it discusses the personal experiences one man and his family has had growing up in an American middle-class family. The story follows a former marine and Yale Law school graduate who has worked very hard and done everything he can, along with the other members of his family, to get ahead in life just to find out there’s no such thing as the American Dream, at least not in today’s world. This memoir will remind you that sometimes our past can weigh us down like heavy wet snow.

5. Hidden Figures by Margret Lee Setterly

This novel has been turned into a motion picture that is now playing in theaters! It’s a never before told true story about the real masterminds behind NASA’s efforts to send people to space – did you know that among those masterminds is a group of African American women? This group was known as NASA’s “human computers” however due to the Jim Crow laws in place at the time, these women were unfairly segregated from their counterparts. This book tells the incredible story these women experienced first hand and how they were able to figure out using a pencil and some paper the right equations to launch rockets and send man to the moon! It truly is an amazing story!

6. The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon

New England is known for their old legends, especially the small town of West Hall, Vermont. In 1908 a woman was found dead in a field behind her house, no one ever figured out the cause of her death or how she ended up in that field. Fast forward to present day, 19-year-old Ruthie moves into that same house with her mother and younger sister. Soon after moving in, Ruthie’s mother goes missing. On a search to bring her mother home, Ruthie discovers an old diary she found under a loose floorboard in one of the rooms in the house. The diary belonged to the same woman who’s body was found in what is now Ruthie’s backyard all those years ago. Desperate to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself, Ruthie goes on the journey of a lifetime to find her missing mother and bring her home before it’s too late. This is such a page turner you won’t even notice that huge snow storm brewing outside!

7. Behind Closed Doors by B.A Paris

You know that perfect couple, the ones who seem to just have that perfect life? The ones who have that perfect house, with those perfect dinner parties, the people with the perfect driveway always- even in the winter; somehow the snow seems to miss their house “perfectly”? Everyone knows a couple like that, Jack and Grace in Behind Closed Doors is that couple. On the outside their lives just seem so perfect. Is it the perfect life though…or is it just the perfect lie? Why doesn’t Grace ever answer the phone? Why can’t she ever meet you for lunch or coffee even though she doesn’t have a job or kids? Come to think about it…maybe their house isn’t perfect. What’s up with those super intense security gated windows on the first floor? This thriller takes you on a twisted ride through Jack and Grace’s lives and what actually takes place when the dinner parties are over and door closes. This winter wind is not going to be the only thing giving you chills this season.

8. The Sun Is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

There are two types of people in this world, those that believe in fate and those that don’t. The novel The Sun Is Also A Star follows the story of these two types of people. Natasha is the kind of person who believes in science and facts. Fate and love are not going to be apart of her story, or so she thinks but then she meets Daniel. Right from the start Daniel is mesmerized by Natasha. He believes that fate has brought them together and that it has something incredible planned for the two of them, he just needs to get Natasha on bored which is no easy task. See how Daniel shows Natasha how every minute has something special to offer, especially on the path to love. This book proves that every moment counts, even the moments that take place in the winter!

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