Halloween costumes can get costly!! I sit in an office with two young moms, so I have a pretty good idea of how these kind of things go.

You splurge on the adorable Etsy, Party City, what-have-you costume for your kiddo… and then they rip it off. They hate the hat, the fabric is too “itchy”, or they’re suddenly not into the caricature you purchased.

“If Addy doesn’t like Cinderella anymore, neither do I.”

Duh, mom.

Therefore, they’ve learned over time to save money – and create costumes that look just as cute!

Goodwill is often the place to turn to, not only for children, but for all ages. In the video above, you’ll see my good friends Jill and Kim modeling some easy DIY Halloween costumes that are show stoppers. 

My personal favorite? The Smartie Pants – so clever!

Another bonus of putting together your own costume, is all the fun that goes into it. “DIY” is trending heavily right now; therefore, show off your creative spirit and make sure you have an original for your neighborhood party. No repeats, here!

See below for details and pricing of featured costumes.

Smarties pants:

  • $4.99 pants
  • $3.99 shirt
  • Bag of smarties $4.99

Bubble gum:

  • $4.99 pants
  • $3.99 shirt
  • $3.99 pom poms


  • $4.99 jeans
  • $3.99 flannel
  • $6.99 boots
  • $2.99 hat

Witch costume:

  • $4.99 dress
  • $.99 hat
  • $4.99 broom
  • $4.99 heels

Dr. Seuss Thing 2:

  • $6.99 converse tennis shoes
  • $3.99 Thing 2 t-shirt
  • $.4.99 pants
  • $.99 boa

You can’t beat these prices! And if you shop at your local Goodwill, remember that it all goes back to a great cause.

Happy Halloween!!